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    Xanthia the reporter: "Good evening, and thank you for joining us in today at The Daily Babble. Today's top story, what really happen to the lighthouse that faithful day when our worlds were destroyed and merge as one, thus creating the Chaos universe. That is right! Just when you thought the disaster of long ago had finally been swept under the porch, new evidence has popped up revealing what really happen that day in Dalimond!"

    "A photo was sent to us by an unknown source clearly showing us that some sort of ginormous..... hideous, monstrous....... disgusting dragon-like creature being the true culprit of tilting the lighthouse at Dalimond port.*please click on the link at the bottom at this moment* Here now with me are the officials from the Empire. Tell me, what is your viewpoint of this startling new evidence?"

    Official: "Right now we are still investigating whether this said "evidence" is real or just a hoax. In the world we live in today, even the impossible is possible. And while we don't want to start a panic throughout the land, we are taking precautions. We have several of our units spread throughout the outskirts of both dralk and chiconis and questioning its citizens."

    Xanthia the Reporter: " Why are you doing that? Do you believe this was an act of war by the dragons of istaria against the other races?"

    Official: "While we don't want to jump to any conclusions just yet, it is a fact that the dragons (lunus especially) have always had a distaste for the other citizens of istaria."

    Xanthia the Reporter: "There you have it. At this point in time, the dragons, both lunus and helians have denied having anything to do with what happen to the lighthouse and have refuse to speak with us. Even our best efforts were to no avail. Here we have a clip of one of our reporters porting his way to dralk when suddenly the camera goes dead. He's whereabouts are unknown at this time and the Imperial Guards are offering a 10 gold coin reward for any information they may have about it."

    "Well that is it for tonight. Thank you watching The Daily Babble, we hope to see you again real soon."

    OK now that I done with that, let me take this time to say thank you for reading, hoped you all enjoyed it and found it funny. I thank you Image for being so kind as to providing the picture that inspired this. Now I ask something from YOU, the valuable readers! Please post in your own pictures with a short written interview/review(whatever) with it. Doesn't have to be long, descriptive or complicated. Just make it as interesting as possible and HAVE FUN! I know those pictures and imaginative stories are out there! I just...... can't find them alone.
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    *check over picture*
    MMMMm ... dont look familiar at all.... NOP don't know anything about that at all.
    I bet its fake. Yeah! that's it! That picture is fake.

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