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    Default Zombie werewolf skull

    Where would one find these?

    I looked around the isle while getting some purple spider venom I needed and had no such luck.

    I was told in game that any Zombie there would drop them however I have yet to see one drop yet from the various Zombie named mobs there.


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    I think any tier 5 zombie was meant. The Satyr islands (Alged, Dahibi, Corvus and Elnath) are the most popular places to hunt these. Try your luck with those undead!
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    Default Re: Zombie werewolf skull

    The person who told you any t5 zombie would work told you correctly.

    Unfortunately they aren't exactly common drops so I would keep trying.

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    thx for the fast replies.

    Not common drop 8(.

    I guess I will have to set my sights a little lower considering my wish list requires 22 of them ;p

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