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    Default Gnomekindle

    I noticed till now a few (minor) things doing the quests.
    Jolly 'Ole Nicolas
    Destination Kion - Geleon doesn't take the springs
    Destination Mahagra - Revaan doesn't recognise the present but just wants to make you a scholar

    Hermey the misfit gnome quest
    Dialog with Dibriano
    last bit
    hmm, my notes are victim of spilled water but there is a bit with (race) instead of the actual race.

    The required flame wisp essence isn't recognised when brought back to ? (notes are unreadable so ... can't remember all names of NPC's or quests) a real quest-stopper.

    one quest greyed out for some reason - after giving the green ore to the jeweller, you have to wait, I got the message that she was ready but the quest was grey and she forgot all about it

    so far...
    as a new player to blight I don't know if this is what you're looking for.

    Oh, and I noticed (is it the new client or??) that some things are not coloured. some flowers in Tazoon, some gnomes at the festival ground.

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
    If you can't see 'em, you know you've got proper invisible runes.

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    Default Re: Gnomekindle

    something that has come up in blight is the prob of crashing to desktop when porting or recalling from new rachival.
    i was having this prob and sharphorn stated he is as well, and suggested i try recalling from taz.
    i completed the delivery quests from the mayor by running to taz and recalling without crashing.
    after the deliveries, i accepted the quest from the mrs. and tried recalling from the fest grounds - and promptly crashed.
    i have submitted a ticket.

    just fyi for everyone!
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