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Thread: Your opinion on the matter 0.o

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    Default Your opinion on the matter 0.o

    Ok...Here is my situation...

    I am level 21 Cleric..Worked my Warrior to 15 so far...Am trying to decide i like the fact to maybe work a Hewaler instead of cleric. with the warrior combo to give me better Healing abilities.. due to soloing lots. with my Warrior skill.. yes i know i am going to lose the platmail armour ability and i am going to los out on some of the melee stuff that cleric would have but will that really matter to be honest.. the healing hower compensate for the los of platmail down to chainmail...anyhow i like to see your views on this i am stumped right at the moment.. feels like i wanna go healer / Warrior combo to start but somethings telling me that everyones going to say go Warrior / Cleric combo.. please tell me your point of view here is my character layout so far..

    Cleric 21
    Healer 20
    Warrior 15

    Jewlery 12
    outfitter 4
    blacksmith 5
    Scholor 8

    Race Saris

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    Default Re: Your opinion on the matter 0.o

    I'm not sure if you're still around but I'll reply the best I can and hopefully it'll help.

    I have a level 30 human paladin, I took my warrior and cleric base classes to 20 each before training in the prestige class of pally. Right now my training points are almost evenly spit between augmentation, life, shield, and 1H slash with slightly more in shield and 1H slash. My armor is "armor" tech'd, my sword is socketed, and my jewelry is dexterity based with armor tech's. Class wise I look like this:

    Cleric: 20
    Warrior: 21
    Paladin: 30

    Okay, so there's were I stand so you kind of know where I'm coming from. I have a multitude of crafting schools but suffice to say my masonry is level 51 so I have a third gift slot (very handy).

    Based on your description of what you want to do and where your adventure schools are, I'd personally go pally at this point. You still get a couple of nice heals and you can tech them to heal for even more. You get all the "gift" buffs, "raise" stats buffs, and more plus you retain the ability to wear plate wield a sword or mace and shield. (I ran around with a large shield for a long time, don't do what I did, use a medium shield. It's much more affective for combat)

    You have a nice start in jewel crafting and in my opinion if you're not a big fan of building up a plot jewel crafting is the way to go. I think jewelry is one of the few things that only requires a current school to be a certain level and not restricted by skill or class levels.

    There you go, Pally with jewel crafting should achieve the affect your describing. Others may disagree, yourself included, but that's my 2 copper.
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    Default Re: Your opinion on the matter 0.o

    Personly with a Pally I would drop the shield altogether and get a two hander. Drop training points and techs on two hand slashing as you also get good parry this way and kill them all
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