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    ...ain't GETTING to Draak half the fun..?

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    I hear you still have to make the first run to attune. So it is more of once you have made the run of DOOOOMMMMMM you can then easily port over.

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    *holds herself under strict control*
    By the way Solistan does NOT recognise someone who has completed all 19 biped craft classes to level 100, however he may recognise a biped,dragon hybrid that has managed to complete all craft schools, IF one existed

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    Found the onions,lettuce,peas and tomatoes. Not located the stoneroot nor fennel but as they are rare do not expect to easily 'tis a big world

    Am puzzled by the fix: biped carrying.
    as I have no idea what is meant can't test it sorry

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    That should read:

    "Bipeds carrying out "Semeneth's Task" will now be able to carry Semeneth's Message with them until they meet with Brysmendrik, thus preventing the quest from disabling itself."
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    Thanks for the clarification L.O.

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    The quest 'semeneth's task' is running fine now
    The radiant crystal is still showing as an x,y,z anchour.
    Many thanks to siluket for providing the location of the garlic
    Many thanks to grodec for finding the fennel

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