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Thread: Missing mobs and missing map

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    I'm up and running, and noticed the same thing when I tried the game 6 months ago. Where are all the monsters? I flew all over, landed where I remember mobs used to spawn, and saw either 0 monsters or 1 monster in a large area and that's all. Also, they don't appear right away. It's like the game has to first figure out I'm there, and then after 5-10 minutes, a monster *might* show up.

    I can see all of the npcs though. I'm playing on Blight, if that matters.

    Also, my map will not appear. All I get is a spinning icon to show that it's loading (I guess) but no map ever appears.

    I've waited a very long time to play again, and the game just seems horribly broken. Even on my super fast rig, npcs, terrain and other stuff take so long to "fill in" to areas I visit. I don't remember it being this way a year ago. Without a map and mobs to fight, the game it unplayable to me.

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    Map is fixed. cfg file was pointing at a map pack that I no longer had installed.

    More mobs are showing up now - go figure. More experimenting in different areas needed.

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    That is normal. The game does have to see you before it will spawn mobs. Think of it as a pool of drops, that the game will only release in an area once it knows some one is there. There are only so many drops in the pool so to give plenty of drops to all the "crop of players" it only "waters" where it sees "crops" after a few min.

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    What Deth said is pretty much right on the money.

    And since you mentioned that you play on Blight, please understand that the test server has a different sized pool of monsters than the live servers. There are fewer people that play there regularly, so it makes sense. But what this means is that if Blight hasn't had a kick in the pants... I mean, a restart, in a while, because we haven't patched, it needs one just to spread the mobs out better.

    The dev team has also been looking closely at spawn regions as they revamp each region. So while I don't know what level range you're playing in currently, as the revamp for different areas is completed, some of this delay will be smoothed out. But it won't ever be as smooth on Blight as it is on the live servers due to the differences inherent in the server types themselves.

    Hope that helps you understand better what's happening.

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    Also mob spawning on blight requires much more time than on live shards

    Edit : And Velea beat me to it :P

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    It does indeed seem like what is happening to me - the watering of the crops. From a developers point of view, I was wondering after playing if the game was implemented that way.

    I guess it's coming back to me now that the spawn works this way, but in a couple of areas the spawns were quick, but in others, it was very slow.

    I should see if my character can be moved back to Chaos. I think I'd enjoy that more. The gameplay feels sluggish on Blight, more-so than I remember it, and I've mostly played on Blight to boot.

    I guess I got used to other games where mobs are always hanging out waiting for someone to show up. Much easier to plan your attacks that way.

    Thanks for the responses.

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    One thing that i noticed, im a rreturning player from the days of release, is that even though the mobs are here there seem to be not as many mobs as there used to be like the werewolves outside of dali, now they are on an island, and the skeleton things outside of tazoon just as in example or two . Seems like they took all the mobs out and put plots in where there used to be mob spawns. hmmmmmm whats up with that. ohh yeah and what happened to the epic mobs or whatever you want to call them where they took several people to kill i know we all used to have fun with those and i would very much like to see them brought back.

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    They completely relaid out how mobs were placed. Most of the epic mobs are out east. But Valcnar(sp?) lives out on top of a moutain in the snowy area. Your best bet is to ask on Market where the epic mobs are now and some one should be able to tell you where they all are.

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