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Thread: Seeking Chioxin

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    Default Seeking Chioxin

    Please contact myself or dorrin for matters of the Five
    Brazius of the Five awaiting the Feast

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    Seph poke me in a mail to come check here.

    I assume this is to ask about what I'm up to. If you're asking to have me replaced on "The Five," feel free to. I am actually downloading the game again but to be honest, I don't think I'll really play. To top it off, I'm in Norway, 6 to 9 hours ahead of you. I hold a career... I've tried before, which is why I gave up yet again. There's no way I'm staying up late enough to participate in any RP you guys hold.

    So, please please please... Replace me. =)

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    Default Re: Seeking Chioxin

    Actually check your PM box
    Brazius of the Five awaiting the Feast

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