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    Default Rawr!

    Just poking in to say hello to those whom I have known since the formation of this world.

    I still maintain my account, although I havent been on much. Anything new?
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    Leviathan! Hey there!

    Well, let's see. Confectioner stuffs going in? Check.
    Unity transfer test? Check.
    New players? Check.
    Returning players? Check.

    I think we're still on course. With Unity's transferral complete, they'll start up the plot repo system again. We've got a big upcoming patch that they're holding on Blight to get plenty of testing done on it (I've heard it called an all-or-nothing patch, so it either all has to go in at the same time or it doesn't go in). We've got more revamping of the tiers to be going on, billing has more options, lairs got a reduction in resources needed to build. Have I gone as far back as when you left yet?
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    Default Re: Rawr! new here!!!:

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    Default Re: Rawr!

    *serves zafina a container full of klava presented with a towel and a curtsy*
    welcome home! :-)

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