We decided that today would be an appropriate day to kick off a new forum that we'd been talking about for a while, being "April Fool Day" and all.

So, as the description says, this forum is for the "fun stuff". The idea behind this forum is to have on-going topics that everyone can participate in to get to solve puzzles and play mini-games, share memories about Istaria, and generally get to know the other members of the community.

It is not a role-play forum, though if you feel more comfortable responding to a topic in character rather than out that's great. But I'd ask that you continue to post original stories on one of the role-play forums.

It isn't a forum for advertising other games, or discussing them. This is for Istarian-themed puzzles and discussions.

Periodically I'll start a new topic that will jump start a new discussion, but other players can feel free to as well.

Most of all, my hope is that you'll just have fun, get to know your fellow Istarians a little more, and perhaps challenge your mind a bit with one of the puzzle/mini-games in here.

- Amarie