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    Fun Fact: (6/9/04)
    Latronicus, an Elven Scout, is the leader of the Protectorate.

    Fun Fact (5/7/04):
    The Withered Aegis has managed to leave a lot of destruction in its path. Once thriving communities have since been destroyed and pushed back into the main cities. The communities of old must be rebuilt once more and commerce reinforced. The empire owns many plots of land for sale, some within the safer confines of the cities and some on the more volatile fronteir lands.

    Fun Fact: (4/5/04)
    There are eight towers of magic scattered across Aradoth, each dedicated to a different sphere of magical study.

    Fun Fact: (4/8/04)
    The fiends were once human who became fiends by corruption of the god they praised.

    Fun Fact: (3/30/04)
    The original leader of the Withered Aegis, Torrin Macalir, was killed ten years ago in the Battle of Tazoon.

    Fun Fact (6/4/04)
    The God Markus is the God of Trickery who, according to Human legend, created the Golbins.

    Fun Fact (6/10/04)
    Ashlander Vandus was the first human king who united humanity and orchestrated its first ascensions into Istaran leadership, power and inluence.

    Fun Fact (6/7/04)
    The God Brobbet is the God of Honor and was the creator of the Dwarven Race to server as his enforcers of Justice upon the prime.

    Fun Fact (6/3/04)
    The God Daggarth is the God of Malice and Strength and was said to have been the rival force against the Goddess Istara.

    Fun Fact: (4/6/04)
    Several different factions of the Withered Aegis have emerged to attack the Living Races in recent times: bone, flesh, ghost, and beast. Each seems to have a different leader, and the leaders seem to have widely varying motives.

    Fun Fact: (4/7/04)
    Even though the city of Aughundell was cut off from the other Living Races during the war, the stalwart Dwarves never lost control of their home to the Withered Aegis.

    Fun Fact: (4/13/04)
    "The Gifted" is the general name for the beings of the Living Races that have been bestowed with the Gift of the Ritual of Life Everlasting); they cannot die by unnatural or violent means. Such people are by and large considered the "Heroes" of the realm, the bulk of which are often Istaria's adventurers, soldiers, tradespeople, etc."

    Fun Fact: 3/25/04
    There are 3 subraces of Elves in Istaria: the fair High Elves, the golden-skinned Wood Elves, and the violet Dark Elves.

    Fun Fact (5/24/04):
    A mysterious and cataclysmic event splintered the Realm of Water into different parts, each at odds with its former brethren. Modern-day Istaria recognizes three separate realms that were at one point a unified Realm of Water: the Realm of Storm, the Realm of Ice, and the Realm of Vapor.

    Fun Fact: (4/9/04)
    Parry and Block are only available when actively engaged in combat with a monster, Evade is available anytime a monster is attacking a player. Evade can come in handy when running for your life!

    Fun Fact (5/21/04):
    The Age of the Sorcerer is the time in Istarian history that Fiends splintered off of Human society. It is sometimes difficult to remember that prior to 300 or so years ago, there was no such creature as a Fiend.

    Fun Fact (5/25/04):
    The nomenclature "Age of the Dragon" refers to the era of time in Istaria's past dating back over 1,000 years. Though history is not as detailed as it possibly could be, the Age of the Dragon is identified as when Dragon society was clearly at its apex in Istaria.

    Fun Fact (5/27/04)
    Ashlander Vandus was instrumental in the establishment of Tazoon as what he called it, "the capital of Istaria." Tazoon in Vandus' day was an agrarian settlement taking advantage of its strategic position along the Barasavus Plain. Though Tazoon today is no longer a part of the Vandus Confederation, it is felt that Vandus' efforts during his time were responsible for Tazoon's prominence in Istaria today.

    Fun Fact: (3/29/04)
    The main continent of Istaria is called Aradoth; the island containing Sslanis and Kion is known as Lesser Aradoth.

    Fun Fact (6/1/04)
    The term "Age of the Sorcerer" is used to describe the era of time approximately 300 years ago in Istarian history. The "sorcerer" for whom this Age is named is none other than Torrin Macalir, who at one point was the leader of the Human intelligentsia and the foremost magical practitioner in Istaria. It was during the Age of the Sorcerer that Macalir became corrupted through his experimentation with necromancy.

    Fun Fact (6/2/04)
    The Goddess Istara, also known as the Goddess of Creation, is said to have been the one who first took notice of Istaria and claimed it as her own.

    Fun Fact (6/8/04)
    Niatha Moraven is the Goddess of Vengeance and Power. It was she that transformed the Fiends into the beautiful and deadly beings that they are known as today. It was only through embracing her worship did the fiends gain her favor and save themselves from being destroyed by the opposing Human faction.

    Fun Fact (5/28/04)
    In the time following the death of Ashlander Vandus, the Living Races of the Age of the Warrior-Kings began to make significant advancements in the study and practice of magic. Most notably, the Humans found themselves leading the way in the discovery and utilization of the various schools of Magic we take as commomplace today. While Dragons are sometimes referred to as the most potent of the Living Races when it comes to the use of magic, much of their knowledge and aplication is kept exclusively to themselves.

    Fun Fact (5/26/04)
    The "Age of the Warrior-Kings" is the title used to describe the era of time dating back some 600 years ago. This age was the time of Ashlander Vandus, the man Humans credit with forging their civilization into what it is today. It was Vandus who unified the Humans under a single banner, and it was Vandus who ended Human subservience under the Dragons.

    Fun Fact (6/11/04)
    Scholar Helian is the Dragon Scholar that believed in gaining power over the Humans by influencing them rather than by using force. His followers exist under his philosophies today and make up their own faction that bears his name.

    Fun Fact (5/12/04):
    Did you know it's possible to be your own vendor? To accomplish this, do the following:

    First, you will need to acquire a 2nd container.

    Secondly, you will need to 'Customize' each item you wish to sell. To do this right click the item you wish to sell, and select customize. In this interface you will see the price setting (the coin counters up top!), go ahead and set the item you wish to sell to the price you want to sell it for.
    After you've finished setting all the items to the price you want to sell them for, go ahead and put them in the bag. Then right click the bag and select customize again. Then check the box contents for sale!
    Now if a player targets you they should be able to 'Trade' with you and see all the items you are wishing to sell, and for what price.

    This is a nice feature for any player run bazaar type events!

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    Fun Fact (4/12/04): A cargo disk is magical in nature; the more potent the magic is that taps into the connection between the Prime and the Realm of Expanse, the more room a disc has in its capacity to store things extra-dimensionally.

    Fun Fact (5/10/04): Did you know a Gruok is very similar to a marsupial, and has a small pouch under its belly. In this pouch it typically carries the coins of the Empire. Strange but true!
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