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    Default TROPHY LIST

    I know some ppl were looking for the trophy list. I found this. Hope it helps a bit.

    Kion: Lvl 5, 10, 15,

    Reward: 350/165 XP & 50 cp

    Brown Spider Thoraxes
    Scions of Sappling Cedar
    Garnet Golem Gemstones
    Gruok Tusks
    Sand Beetle Compound Eyes
    Golem Hearts of Sandstone
    Sand Pygmy Beatsticks

    Buy Back Price:

    Reward: 1000/350 xp & 125 cp

    Sand Ogre Bludgeoners
    Brown Breeder Spider Thoraxes
    Bronze Golem Mettle
    Desert Wolf Skulls
    Angry Gruok Tusks
    Scions of Cedar
    Malachite Golem Gemstones

    Buy Back Price:

    Turquoise Golem Gemstones
    Scions of Massive Cedar
    Bronze Boulder Golem Mettle
    Ferocious Gruok Tusks
    Water Golem Materia

    Buy Back Price:

    ??: Lvl 20

    Brighter Spider Hatchling Thoraxes
    Silver Golem Mettle

    Buy Back Price:


    Rose Quartz Golem Gemstones
    Leafy Oastic Petals
    Ruxus Jaws
    Golem Hearts of Slate
    Winter Wolf Skulls
    Scions of Sappling Elm

    Buy Back Price:

    Dalimond/Chiconis: Lvl 30, 35, 40


    Iron Golem Mettle
    Rose Quartz Golem Gemstones
    Brighter Breeder Spider Thoraxes
    Scions of Elm
    Amethyst Golem Gemstones

    Buy Back Price:


    Dire Wolf Skulls
    Golem Hearts of Marble
    Bloodsrot Gruok Gullets
    Scions of Massive Elm

    Buy Back Price:

    Mahagra, Tazoon & New Rachival: Lvl 40, 45


    Buy Back Price:


    Mountain Wolf Skulls
    Ice Ogre Bludgeoneer
    Redbacked Spider Thoraxes
    Winter Gruok Tusks
    Citrine Golem Gemstones
    Golem Hearts of Granite

    Buy Back Price:

    Mahagra: Lvl 50, 55

    Reward: 20,400 xp & 1sp 700cp

    Gold Golem Mettle (Kirascant Tundra)
    Winter Mountain Wolf Skulls (Mahagra Tundra)
    Redbacked Breeder Thorax
    Jasper Golem Gemstones
    Small Ice Beetle Compound Eyes (Frozen Wastes)
    Scion of Oak (Granite Hills)

    Buy Back Price:

    Reward: 27,300 XP & 2sp 200cp

    Scion of Massive Oak (Granite Hills)
    Ice Beetle Compound Eyes (Frozen Wastes)
    Steel Golem Mettles (broken)
    Aqua Golem Gemstones (SW Tazoon)
    Ice Golem Materia (Mahagra Tundra)

    Buy Back Price:

    Dralk, Kirsanct, and Feledan: Lvl 60, 65, 70

    Reward: 34,500 xp & 2sp 600cp

    Shadow Spider Hatchling Thorax
    Small Flame Beetle Compound eyes (Dralk)
    Rare Small Abortus Squirrels (Feledan Woods)
    Golem Hearts of Obsidian (Dralk)
    Flame Pygmy Beatsticks (Dralk)

    Buy Back Price:

    Reward: 41,600/20,800 xp & 3 sp 200 cp

    Shadow Spider Thorax
    Golem Hearts of Obsidian Boulder (Dralk - northwest)
    Flame Beetle Compound Eyes (Dralk)
    Scion of Maple Sappling (Granitefall Mountains)
    Topaz Golem Gemstones (Kirascant)
    Cobalt Golem Mettle (Kirascant)
    Flame Wolf Skulls
    Lava Golem Materia
    Flame Ogre Bludgeoners (Dralk)
    Rare Abortus Squirrels (Feladan Woods)

    Buy Back Price:

    Reward: 49,600 XP & 3sp 700cp

    Fire Pygmy Beatsticks (Dralk)
    Shadow Breeder Thorax
    Fire Wolf Fangs
    Platinum Golem Mettle (Dralk)
    Rare Large Arbotus Squirrels (Feladan)
    Opal Golem Gemstones (Dralk)
    Small Fire Beetle Compound Eyes (Dralk)
    Scions of Maple (Granitefall Mountains)

    Buy Back Price:


    Fire Beetle Compound Eyes (Dralk)
    Lava Oastic Petals (Dralk)
    ?Fire Ogre Bludeoners
    Jade Golem Gemstones (Kirascant)
    Rare Tremendous Arbotus Squirrels (Feladan Woods)
    Platinum Boulder Golem Mettles
    Scions of Massive Maple (Granitefall Mountains)

    Buy Back Price:

    Aughendell: Lvl 80, 85, 90, 95


    Golem Hearts of Marble
    Bloodsnout Grulet Tusk
    Purple Hatchling Thorax
    Thunder Ogre Manacles
    Dire Wolf Skulls

    Buy Back Price:

    Reward: 89,700 xp & 5 sp 700 cp

    Bloodsnout Gruok Tusk
    Scion of Sappling Yew
    Forest Oastic Petals
    Purple Spider Thorax
    Lightning Ogre Manacles
    Golem Hearts of Peridot
    Icy Dire Wolf Skulls

    Buy Back Price: 1s 115c

    Reward: 97,800 xp & 6 sp 700 cp

    Scion of Yew
    Angry Bloodsnout Tusk
    Giant Flame Beetle Eyes
    Purple Breeder Thorax
    Mettle of Mithril Golem
    Fiery Dire Wolf Skulls
    Fire Opal Golem Gemstones

    Buy Back Price: 1s 46c

    Reward: 113,950 xp & 7 sp 700 cp

    Tempest Ogre Manacles
    Wind Golem Materia
    Giant Fire Beetle Eyes
    Mettle of Mithril Boulder Golem
    Scion of Massive Yew
    Emerald Golem Gemstones
    Ferocious Bloodsnout Gruok Tusk

    Buy Back Price: 1s 89c

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    Default Re: TROPHY LIST

    The level 30 -34 trophys are actually:

    Large Ruxus Jaws
    Snow Pygmy Beatsticks
    Small Frost Beetle Compound Eyes
    Brighter Breeder Spider Thoraxes
    Amethyst Golem Gemstones
    Iron Golem Mettles
    Scions of Elm
    Guildmaster of The Alliance

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    Default Re: TROPHY LIST

    Just a note on the Brighter Breeder Spider Thoraxes...

    You can receive the quest from the Dalimond trainer, but you cannot complete it there. I have found that you go to the Kion trainer to complete the quest.

    (Iopened a bug ticket...several weeks ago)

    But, at least there is a way to complete the quest.


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    Default Additions to Trophy List

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulman


    Mountain Wolf Skulls
    Ice Ogre Bludgeoneer
    Redbacked Spider Thoraxes
    Winter Gruok Tusks
    Citrine Golem Gemstones
    Golem Hearts of Granite
    Scions of Sapping Oak
    Snow Beetle Compound Eyes

    also for buy back price:
    Lapiz Lazuli Golem Gemstone, Snow Ogre Bludgeoner, Frost Beetle Compound Eye- 174c
    Silver Golem Mettle, Frost Pygmy Beatstick, Small Grass Beetle Compound Eye- 65c
    Iron Golem Mettle, Amethyst Golem Gemstone, BrighterBreeder Spider Thorax, Snow Pygmy Beatstick, Small FrostBeetle Compound, Scion of Elm, Large Ruxus Jaw- 141c
    Ferocious Grouk Tusks - 43c
    Winter Wolf Skull, Brither Spider Thorax, Frost Ogre Bludgeoner- 98c
    Golem Heart of Sandstone Pebble - 11c
    Ice Ogre Bludgeoner, Redback Spider Thorax, Desert Wolf Skull- 283c
    Ice Pygmy Beatstick - 217c

    Living at Istaria as
    Chiptus Dalak of Order
    71/95 dragon

    Chaim Dalak of Order
    lvl 100 Paladin+Carpenter

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