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Thread: Speaking of trying to gather resources...

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    Default Speaking of trying to gather resources...

    From confectioner discussion, I ran into a bit of a bind last night.

    Can we have "resource is XX meters away", just like huntable mobs rather than the frustrating message of simply "resource is too far away"?

    I go bonkers trying to harvest essence that is right in front of me. Knowing full well that when I'm hunting, there has been times where the creature is right in front of me, but it's actually 40m away. I can follow the arrow, play "marco polo" with the arrow, find the mob and kill it even though it's still sitting where I was.

    I can't do this for wisps or fish or anything else. It's incredibly frustrating. Is this thing just in front of me and I'm lagging a bit that it's a mere 6m away, just out of reach? Or is it like the huntable mobs where it's 40m away? ....

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    ^ This, please.
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    I'd like this too, I also wouldnt mind if the "center" of dragons was pushed forward towards the chest area some, rather than the hips as one of the dev's mentioned. Its somewhat frustrating to land or to run up and havest something with it right in front of me or between my front legs, get that inital harvest animation, only to see the message: resource is too far away. I have to practicaly sit with the resource between my hindlegs to harvest it. This is doubly frustrating when its a moving wisp you're trying to catch.

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