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Thread: My Contribution to the Hoard dillemna

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    It's easy to make and hoard sand/slate chest scales.

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    Remember that you could have a billion hoard at level 1 and you will still only receive +4 to armor. Having level 41 hoard means nothing if you aren't level 41 to take advantage of it.

    In Sindala's case it was purely a hoard burn test. How much was burned fully using all hoard abilities available up to level 20.

    Drev (who uses Gold Rage VII to kill lvl 8 mobs)

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    in less than 2 hours of gold raging and Shield of golding at ice beetles I net gained 1.3 million hoard today. Just to give you all an idea of how easy it seems to build ones hoard once capable of killing t5 beetles.
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