Many dragons are very concerned about spending hoard and of course making hoard. This concept is impressed into the little ones at a very young age. It's all consuming. Hoard fuels our attacks, it gives us 4 armor and 4 braeth skill, per soft cap.

While I agree that hoard is very important. Spending it is also very important. Dragons are simply working at half or quarter efficiency without using Gold Rage, Silver Strike, and Shield of Gold. Drain strike now costs hoard, Breath of Flame Burst costs hoard. Sounds like a lot of hoard burning right? It is. However those very abilities are what makes the Withered Aegis cringe. Those attacks and powers make dragons the boogeymen of Istaria's beasts.

How does one fuel this war machine/addiction? Easy I say!. hunt wolves and beetles. They have the highest hoard drop rate in the game. While taking time to specifically hunt for hoard, spend hoard. Use attacks to kill faster. there isn't a single attack in any tier, that the hoard drops do not make up for the expenditure. However, my one failing here is...I'm not certain if the wolves and beetles drop as well at lower tiers as they do in t4 and t5.

I for one attempted to reach the hoard soft cap for level 70 and then stopped worrying about it. once I reached level 100 I began commiting mass genocide upon the Icy Dire Wolf populations. Now Giant Ice Beetles may work better. I would pull as many as i could at a time. Activate Shiled of Gold, spiked scales, and refreshing breeze...they for the most part killed themselves on my hide. Combine that with a few point blank Area of Effect spells, breath of flame burst and perhaps the faction breath. I used haord attacks also. You have a winning combination. Loot away! you have my guarantee any 1 hoard item you pick up will make up for most if not all you spent in that battle. The rest is all profit.

The old adage "You have to spend money, to make money." It's quite true. You also have to spend hoard to make hoard. it speeds it up quite a bit.

I would love additions to this thread to help folks at lower levels (t3 and lower). Since I never really worried about my hoard cap at such a tender age.
My way is only one way to do this, I'm sure others have trick of the trade. I merely wanted to post this so that dragons and would be dragons don't have to worry about how to build up their hoard supply so much anymore.