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    With the removal of glass nodules from most of Istaria and the addition of sand piles it would be nice to get the 5 sand per whack limit with the bucket set to same as for water. At this rate it takes two whacks with the bucket to make even a single glass vials worth of glass nodules, which is far from acceptable.

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    Much easier to make sand from sandstone bricks:)

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    Would it be possible to get a sandpile in Harro? I cannot seem to find one... I thought we'd be able to tease it out from under Scramjet's plot but the guard there seems to have scared it away instead. Scramjet's delighted to have level ground again but I still do not know where in Harro to find sand. Am I just oblivious to it?

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    There are lots of glass nodule nodes on the beaches around Aiya on Falathien Island. Just a hop through the portal back to Harro

    It would be nice to have sandpiles everywhere though. Could use one in Falathien too.

    Thaalia of Order

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    Holy Thread Resurrection, Batman!

    I believe there are three wells already on the island, including Falathien.
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