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    ... being the first poster on this board.

    Spoiler :

    As a mid level player when the trophy system was introduced I have found that adventure powerlevelling is painfully easy for the first time you do it.

    Bottom feed for low level trophies and then switch to a new adventure class and use them for levelling.

    I levelled cleric from lvl 2-11 rapidly (and extremely boringly) with only true adventuring for lvl 9-10 because I needed a sanity break !

    oh . btw - I did this to get the ability to cast Improved Revitalise I as a magewithout wasting my TPs[6]
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    That is to be expected.

    As I understand it, after so many bag 5 quests, the XP reward reduces. Granted there are 5 trophies (5 monsters) per 5 level span. I hope it is true for the coin side (after all, how many sets of trophy items does a Trophy Hunter need?).

    But as another posted at VN, the character fought and earned those trophies, just opted to use them on another school. I just hope thatcharacter doesn't farm the creatures when others need them for their current class.

    The problem really lies when those trophies are traded to another character, (from A to B, same player or different players). However, that is countered by the classic, "I am not affecting your gameplay." Well, it does if character B is in your group and doesn't know how to fight effectively (or contribute as a skilled character would during a quest, say to "Become a True Helian/Lunus.")
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    On low/mid lvl this might be very true. On higher lvls.. say 75+ it wont be that fast anymore. My main char became lvl 100 WAR a month ago, worked on it since 31 DEC 2003(with 2 months pause). And look now , I've multiclassed to cleric and hit lvl 94 yesterday. 50 first levels are really fast on multiclassing anyway(if you have a high lvl as first class). Since 60-70 I've been power lvling on trophies but even now i need 70-100 trophies to gain a lvl which is pretty much work.

    I think the trophy system works as it should... [Y]

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    Actually i've found the upper levels more convenient. At 100 CHSW I switched to 24 Cleric. Now my rating is about 60 so I'm fighting things (solo)in the 60-70 range. By the time my Cleric lvl actually hits 60+ I'm going to have a ton of trophies to turn in.
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    the only downfall of the trophy hunters is that with some diligent connie searching, you can absolutely buy levels. it's a straight cash transaction.

    of ain't THAT bad of a thing so don't go thinking I'm up in arms...just my 2c

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