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    Default A couple of questions

    Is there a gallery of what houses look like or do they all look the same?

    what would be the lowest level I could build a house and what skills would I need?


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    Try here. It's not set up as a gallery of pictures but it does seem to have some with description and picture.

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    To build a house totally yourself, you need to be proficient in 3 schools: mason, fitter and carpenter. Some houses may use weaving, not sure.

    Other structures (trees, shops, etc.) use enchanting as well, but for a basic human house I think you can get by with those 3 schools.

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    What level do you need to be in mason, fitter and carpenter?

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    depends on what you are building... higher tiers require more levels. but roughly:
    basic tier I construction items at 1st level, advanced tier I construction items at 10, then tier II is 20/30, tier III 40/50, etc.
    efficiency is horrible at the minimum level that you are capable, but improves as you go up in levels.

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    Okay getting the understanding of it now.

    What determines the type of house you build? Race? or is it where you build it?

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    Nether. Only restriction is Size and dragon buildings are lair only biped are plot only. Otherwise you choose.

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    This is the biped construction guide. Unfortunately, in the process of things going on, all the linked sites were changed and/or removed, so the links don't work.

    As for levels to do construction, the following apply:

    First route:
    To make Carpenter, Mason and/or Fitter needs Blacksmith 19
    To make Mason or Enchanter needs Scholar 19
    To make Weaver needs Outfitter 19
    (Mason requires stoneworking, which is obtained by either blacksmith or scholar, so you don't need both to get mason).

    Second route:
    To make Fitter and/or Mason needs Miner 16
    To make Carpenter, Enchanter and/or Weaver needs Gatherer 16

    Those combos give you the base skills necessary to get the construction classes. Then you start working up from there through the tiers to build whatever it is you want.
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    Also needed is Enchanting as some houses takes spheres. And I find it doesn't matter what type of house you choose. It's whatever you like. I happened to like the Saris housing not because I'm a Saris, but because I like the design (and with the right placement it can become a ninja's roof-jumping dream :P). Some like the human housing (the Tiered houses) because of the ease of building. Dwarven houses can be made multiple times on the plot (same with tents), unlike the other housing which can only have 1 per plot. Then it's fit too... Will a Fiend large house fit on the size of plot and give me the best benefit and style? It's really up to you on what you want to do. Play with it... have fun with it.


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    Default Re: A couple of questions

    Great thanks for all the help

    another question

    How do you find out what plots are not taken?

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    Default Re: A couple of questions is great for that
    In game, when you're in a community you can use the plot survey in the menu

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff281 View Post
    Great thanks for all the help

    another question

    How do you find out what plots are not taken?
    Plots that are not taken have a white flag at the plotstone.

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