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Thread: Looking for Lair Advice

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    Barrak, my Selen lair on Blight has a circular (connected? Not sure how to describe) design to the first floor. You would need to approach from above and drop down to see it, but I will happily escort you if you wish.

    I know which lair you must have purchased in Dralk! I considered it myself. A lovely location, convenient with the bank and craft caves. Congrats!

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    I'll check your lair Aine, thanks
    Barrak Stonebreaker - dwarf Knight of Creation
    Cerul - dragon hatchling
    Blight Server

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barrak View Post
    Problem is, this is a new character - so anything above T2 is out of the question right off the bat
    Nonsense! My favorite way to level up lairshaping is to build some huge structure, like a hall, and just throw resources into it until you're high enough to build resonable structures on the first floor. Don't waste your time with t4 when you can have t5.

    Also, if you do that with a hall, you can just delete it when your crafting is high enough, and you get a ton of novians. You'll be set in multiple resources for some time.

    Good choice for a lair, by the way... nice and convinient. When my Blight hatchie gets to lairshaping I'll help with some t1.

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