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Thread: When is best time to switch schools?

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    Default When is best time to switch schools?

    My dwarf on Blight is going to be multi-crafting class. I started out with Outfitter and Blacksmith, plan on adding Scholar to get all the base mining/gathering skills covered. When is a good time to move up, say from Outfitter to Armorcrafter? When T1 materials get optimum? Wait until later?
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    Default Re: When is best time to switch schools?

    Well, I know with the construction classes, using BOS, it's 19 before you have the skill required to switch. Using MG, it's only level 16.

    As for the other craft classes, I believe the base skills are 150 as well, so I'm guessing it'll be 19 as well.

    Keep in mind that you can bootstrap most craft classes through another. For instance, when I had carpenter in mid to upper 70s, I picked up gatherer (at 1) and made 54 levels of gatherer by processing maple logs into boards. Since the tools look at what your current skill is compared to their lower level requirements, if you can equip a tool or cargo disk with a higher class, you can do so with a lower as well. Unfortunately, the same does not hold true with cargo armor.
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