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Thread: Eep did I miss transfer?

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    Default Eep did I miss transfer?

    I was busy moving into a house of our own

    Did I miss getting chars moved? Main problem is I cant remember a lot of the account info :S

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    Default Re: Eep did I miss transfer?

    I suggest following the guide that is in the front page (named Unity transfer). You can probably get your char transfered

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    Default Re: Eep did I miss transfer?

    Hey Nanain!

    First go to this page:

    Also this guide is very helpful:

    I hope to see you soon in Istaria again!

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    Default Re: Eep did I miss transfer?

    I could not see them turning anyone away that wished to come over. They have the process and it was not something that they needed to only run once. Also being it is on a person by person bases it should not be a problem for people that trickle in.

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    Default Re: Eep did I miss transfer?

    if there's any hick-ups, contact support

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    Default Re: Eep did I miss transfer?

    i want to join again too but i have no credit card atm....
    so does anyone have experience with that moneybanking website ?

    Any extra fees? cause iam from germany and so it would all be in €

    thx for info

    see you on istaria

    iam playing with trialy subs on Chaos atm
    so if you meet Xarant Burstwind there its me my little new lvl 3 Dragon

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