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Thread: Low level confectioner quest recipes?

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    Default Low level confectioner quest recipes?

    My dwarf is a level 12 confectioner. I just found out that there are two beginner quests for confectioners that give out rare formulas. I went to the trainer in Sslanis and he is not offering me those quests. Is that because I'm too high level (at 12)?

    Is there any other way to get those forms?

    *edit* never mind - I didn't have the trigger food in inventory - ignore this
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    Default Re: Low level confectioner quest recipes?

    You need to be holding the correct herb to get the quests. This site tells all.

    Use the quest section to see all. *warning spoiler*

    If you just want to do the quests blind, then Sage and Ginger are the herbs that trigger the quests from Fillet.

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