On order shard my minions and I (3 of us at a given time) are doing contract lairshaping for anyone needing t1-3 work done on their lairs.

We can work out the terms of the contract, but bear in mind since there are 3 of us working at any given time, your work will get done quickly.

We work on either completion (pre-set objectives such as a total number of units placed, payment on completion) or structure (based on a per-structure payment after completion of each structure)

We don't have to be paid in coin (although it's the easiest to figure out) since we like teched scales, spells, teched biped armor, hoardables, potions, etc.. we don't mind working for those too.

The only thing we won't do: Work on the pay-per-unit basis. We do quick work and appreciate not having to compete with other folks in the process of completing your work.

Feel free to PM me here, or find me in the game.

Thanks for reading!