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Thread: Old Unity Member needs advice

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    Default Old Unity Member needs advice

    I have finally returned to the game after getting my main and only character transferred from Unity.
    I find i have a mixed bag of a toon though, and need help and advice on the best course of action for me to take in continuing my development.
    I have a Male Half-Giant Level 22 Healer/20 Cleric/20 Spiritist/7 Warrior/4 Monk/2 Scout/2 Mage. I have a Rating of 19.
    I am also Level 20 Blacksmith/17 Fitter/5 Miner/2 Scholar/2 Outfitter.

    What schools should i be training in which order, to what levels, and where and what should i be hunting?

    Cheers for any help.

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    Default Re: Old Unity Member needs advice

    thats really somthing you should answer for yourself actually.

    here you can see a list of all the schools, best thing to do when you take your first adventure class to 100 is to pick a school with 10 armour per level. (like warrior or mage) then you will be able to wear lvl 91 (the best) armour after you reach lvl 91 (and 910 skill).
    also if you take a craft class to level 100 (any you prefer) you can then wear cloth armour lvl 91 and tier 5 jewelry even if your adventure class is just level 12... this helps greatly when multiclassing.

    its all a matter of what you like best in the end anyway.

    how to level at your tier?
    ask in bristugo for some buffs and a Cloak of Thorns from a druid, and go hunt some lvl 21-25 grassbeatles near bristugo. (there is almost always druids hanging about near the portals or in the tavern)
    the grassbeatles are to the south and then east of the town.

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    Default Re: Old Unity Member needs advice

    thango gave good advice, I'd like to add to it, if I may.

    taking a class to 100 first rather than levelign things side by side is usually a better idea at the beggning. then you have good hit points and armor sue, skills, etc when you elvel other classes.

    I took warrior first and I never regreted it.

    That was me.

    far as craft schools, I rave about fitter and weaver. with some research you'll see why
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    Default Re: Old Unity Member needs advice

    its all about the alt you want to make!

    i can tell you that i went the single class (both advent and craft) to 100 first (warrior and blacksmith).....
    i was totally new to the game and i found that leveling at least one class to 100 first was a good way to acquint myself with both the game and a wide range of different places in the game. i was introduced to most of the critters and resources in game - in most instances, more than one place for each - and that really helps to level the other classes you decide to take later.

    i am currently playing my hatchie, so i can't speak to any other way to develop a multiclass alt....
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