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    I play the character known as Ry on the Blight server
    This message is just to let the Blight Community (and any other interested parties) know that on the forums my name is Ryin.

    The person on the forums known as Ry does not speak for, nor has any input to do with the Blight character Ry.

    This note is just to clarify the situation

    Many thanks

    Ry - Crafter only found on Blight Server

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    thanx for the clearup, ry!! i read a post by this person in another thread and was wondering if you had had a problem and needed to create a new forum account.

    i have become infatuated with a new game and have been feverishly playing it as fast as i can to finish it and get back to horizons.

    i will prolly dump it if i am not done by weds so i can get back to mw's quests!

    i miss you guys, but i think the break has prolly been good for us all, eh?
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    Hiya Velv,
    yep,I agree with you a holiday is always nice but it is so nice to return home

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