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    hi guys i am wondering if i could get some advice from you expericened guys.i am a druid and am looking at going into mage so what mobs are good for killing with nature,ice,fire spells if u could give me some advice i would be very grateful

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    Were gonna need more info than that.
    Lvl, rating, are you after coin or Xp, that sort of thing.

    Any mob can be killed with the elements you mention so its hard to advise.

    nb, you could allways listen to us in Guild chat, we do know what were on about you know

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    lol i know i know.i am lvl 15 at the mo and really it is just getting some useful information to help me progress through the lvls.i am not bothered about the xp or coin it ias just more abput the easist mobs to kill with those elements to lvl faster sop to speak

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sindala View Post
    nb, you could allways listen to us in Guild chat, we do know what were on about you know
    Sometimes :P

    Anyway if you look in HCC at the nature, nature resistance and nature ward techs you can see in the descriptions which ones are vulnerable and resistant. Most mobs seem to be vulnerable to nature damage which is why the DCoM does so much damage.
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    Beetles are usualy the easiest.ogres an pgymys then wolves. usualy golems to. for all those elements/...golems preferred
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    If your a druid can I ask why choose a mage? My suggestion would be to play a spiritist(nature and spirit spells are all cast from the same group/class) but if you are just trying to level up a mage then I would suggest just using nature bolt till you get 32 or whatever is needed for multicast(since that's mostly why people level a mage) But like I said nature/spirit is what will get you into the best position for functionality.

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