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Thread: Going again. For good this time.

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    Unhappy Going again. For good this time.

    I really like Horizons. I really did. But the game is not the same as it was in 2005 when I first played. Even after all the ownership swaps it still can't keep me.

    My guild (Disciples) has vanished completely and I really feel alone. Also, the game engine is getting tired. The keyboard doesn't respond well, monsters appears on screen a minute after I arrive in the area, which causes me to get killed by invisble creatures. My DSL connection is 6MB so it can't be that.

    I can't wait for Vitrium to get the money to fix this game. I hope that they do get enough money to bring the game into the realm of NextGen and be able to compete with the others. But while the crafting system is by far the most superior in any online game, that doesn't sell it.

    Istaria is boring, and that hurts me to say it, because I really liked Horizons. But the empty world void of people gets to me. The game isn't fun with people. And it's mostly dragons... yeah I know no big deal.

    I'll keep playing, and taking screencaps until my kast day this Saturday, but I'll only come back until I see that Virtrium has made real change to the game, the game engine, the world, stories, everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Because I really want to come back. But what exist now doesn't justify the 14.95$ In short, in feels like I'm playing a game that's still in BETA (phase 2) .

    Goodbye Istaria.


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    I wish you greener pastures and greater fun. Fare well, j-Xiti.

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    sorry to see you go.

    i do remembered back in early days after it got released, it was very alive and devs do get involved with us with live events and rescue lost tribes of satyrs and dryads.
    i left before that event took place because my last previous computer isnt made to handle and i get disconnected too often, and that too much frustrations, but i just recently came back almost 3 months ago on chaos server with my newer upgraded computer and i enjoyed lot more.

    one thing i do agreed, it does need serious new game engine upgrades for emotes, improved hotbars, and new contents.
    this current game feel dying and seem empty if there was no one friendly folks to help newcommers to feel welcome and stay to enjoy unique world setting and dragons are most fun race to play.
    since this "Vista" had hurt many account owners or new graphic cards made it unplayable.
    mobs take too long to get render, and Horizons isnt the only ones that got issues with renderings, Eq2 and LotRO has that too, and i hate 'invisible' mobs and death penalies really hurts.

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    j-Xiti, As I do not remember the member list of the Disciples, I was and many of my current guildmates were once a part of the Disciples and would be happy to have you in our current guild if you'd wish. I think you would then greatly appreciate your time online playing Istaria with us (your old guildies).

    Send me a PM if you'd like a guild invite!!
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    Default Re: Going again. For good this time.

    Thanks for your invitaion. I'll keep a note of it. Perhaps when (ahem) Istaria ..(errg, I can't get used to that after saying Horizons for so long) gets tye surgery it needs, I'll be back.

    j'Phaelliun j'Sir Haen

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    I understand, j-Xiti.
    Worst thing that can happen in a mmorpg is feeling alone.
    I experienced that in VG, and some other games too.
    And I hear that from a lot of people playing on order.
    The guilds vanish, old friends are gone, and °!"§$% it`s no fun to play alone.
    But I do not know what to do, to change the situation.
    There nearly never are enough people to go for the bosses, or do a rift run.
    And I wonder, if we can get together and face the threat of the blighted labyrinth. But this is Order- you have to be a real communicativ and persisting person to come along here^^( well I play on order- so do not get me wrong mates, I really love you all- but we can`t deny, that this prob exsists).

    Maybe j-Xity, you should have tried Chaos- it`s quite a different gamin`there.
    I remember it well: I started a level 1 draggy there, entered a guild that had about 4 active members (incl. me^^). But after a while, I was introduced here and there by my GM, and then I got group invites from all sides. It did not matter that I was low level, that I had a lot of questions, and that my English was poor^^. And when I dropp in on Chaos sometimes I can see that nothing has changed *Waves to all her friends and mates there*.
    I doubt, weather you feel alone on chaos.

    I do not know much about Blight, so some else my tell us about, but whenever I visit Blight, I do not feel alone.

    *polishes her rose-colored glasses* Concerning the engine and content:
    I can live with techn. probs now and then- I had that in other games too.
    We banned Vista from our (new) pc`s and thats fine^^.
    And there is enough content ingame to keep me interested^^
    YOU told me to play a dragon!

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