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    Is Lem the Idealist (Lem the Cold) the same as Master Golem Keeper Lem?
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    Mmmmm wasn't aware there was a Master Golem Keeper Lem. Will have to find him and pay him a visit when Chaos is back up.

    Personally.... I highly doubt it. Unless there is something Master Golem Keeper Lem says that would point there is some connection I think the two just happen to have the same name "Lem".

    We know (or should I say I assume) that Lem the Idealist is connected to Lem of Cold because as it goes, Lem the Idealist body is being controlled by a mind lasher and Lem of Cold is probably just his spirit that was kicked out when the mind lasher rudely moved in.(and apparently the same happen to Kaa)

    Though now that I think of it..... who was that gate keeper again who was taken over by Esh? Barmos I believe. Poor guy was pretty lost but seems to have regain his mind once again and is happily attuning people to South Gate. Curious as to how he got better all of the sudden (while Seril is still hanging out with the golems in a vegetable like state) and didn't end up the same way Kaa and Lem did (i.e. as some spirit or something). Maybe Esh really just isn't a powerful enough mind lasher to do the same thing. They did mention something Esh being different.

    Blah blah blah speculation. blah blah blah assumptions.
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    Actually, my only knowledge of Master Golem Keeper Lem comes from "We, the Living"

    He stopped in the road and glanced around quickly to make sure that they had some privacy. “Sethos…” he started, then his voice failed. He cleared his throat and continued. “I, ah, we… There was some news about Lem.”
    “Yes, honored Emir,” Ryson nodded. “Master Golem Keeper Lem has been seen walking again. Several scouts confirm the identification. I’m very sorry, honored one.”

    The Emir’s expression did not change. “Thank you. I’ll remember him in my prayers tonight.

    When talking to Lem the Idealist, doesn't he say something about golems?
    I'll have to talk to him when Chaos is back up and see what he says.
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    Ahhhhhhh it is from the story! I thought you meant there was another npc ingame named that. Shame..... was looking foreward to seeing him. Oh well then in that case the two might be the same. Kinda hard to tell since it just sorts of mentions a Lem but doesn't really give us any details to go on. Hmmmmmm.

    Well we know the two Lems are both dead and walking around now..... that is one thing they have in common.

    Oh and I have no idea if Lem the Idealist mentions golems but now you have me very interested and eager to find out!
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    Well, it was actually Lem the Peaceful that I was thinking about. Found at 21342, 25218. Lem the Peacful is a level 80 Elemental Archer. He said nothing to me about Golems.

    Lem tells you, "I welcome you to this place... among the sand. I travel here often... to meditate... be at peace with myself. Few of the... mummies come here I've found, to this part of... canyon. Please, feel free... sit and chat."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanthia View Post
    We know (or should I say I assume) that Lem the Idealist is connected to Lem of Cold because as it goes, Lem the Idealist body is being controlled by a mind lasher and Lem of Cold is probably just his spirit that was kicked out when the mind lasher rudely moved in.(and apparently the same happen to Kaa)
    Mindlashers can control multiple bodies. I think it's during the RoP (or it might just be regular idle chat, I can't recall) that Kaa gets distracted from talking to you because another of its bodies is fighting one of the Gifted. I'm fairly sure that Kaa the Shade is not in fact Kaa's old spirit, but another form that the Kaa mindlasher controls. Therefore, Lem the cold is probably another form of the Lem mindlasher as well.

    As for Master Golem Keeper Lem, it could the same person considering the writer of that story I'm sure probably knew the name Lem was in use, though it sounds like the Aegis may have risen him as an undead before the lasher invaded the body if that is the case. Or perhaps Lem the Golem Keeper is the ghost form and the 'living' Lem is a different saris and the mindlasher adopted the name Lem or.. I don't know. It doesn't mesh terribly well really.


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    Some mindlasher-related dialogues:

    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Valkoth tells you, 'I see you have acquired an appropriate vessel, hatchling. The pure crystal orb you hold is capable of being imbued with a fragment of your will, a dangerous task you will yet need to accomplish. It is an important step in your creation of a phylactery suitable for the rite of passage. I hope your progress on the silver claw and statue is similarly swift.'

    Valkoth tells you, 'There are few ways, we have found, to properly accomplish such a goal. One is most suitable in character to ourselves and our beliefs, and is a worthy task of a hatchling's acuity as well, so we prefer it. This is the location and confrontation of a mind lasher.'

    Valkoth tells you, 'These are bodiless spirits from some alternate realm, perhaps that of blight, perhaps another -- they are uncommon, though sometimes I wonder as to the degree. Mind lashers have no form of their own, naturally they are a weak spirit, easily dispersed. This is rarely the form you'll find one in however, more commonly they will walk among us as men or dragons, with us barely the wiser.'

    Valkoth tells you, 'They steal one's mind and form, then seek to take over your body. If you are overcome, you will be replaced by a creature looking and moving exactly like yourself, with the same memories, but of a different mind. However, an individual controlled by a mind lasher is not truly of the same... quality, I suppose, that they were before. While the lasher has the individual's memories, it can access them only with some difficulty. This is one of the few things that can truly give them away, a sort of halting pause in conversation as they stop and struggle to access their stolen memories and thought processes. Because of this they usually prefer some degree of solitude, to take their host and create a new life and new memories of their own -- this is another that can give them away. Search for a man or dragon who has uprooted his life with great suddenness.'

    Valkoth tells you, 'Where do you find one such as this? Ask of shopkeepers and pawnbrokers, in particular, they often hear news before others. Also, look for those who the lasher has abandoned, usually in favor of a stronger host. These empty souls may still be physically alive, but mentally they are barren, barely even capable of speech or gesture. You may need to ask your fellow gifted to aid you in this, hatchling, as mind lashers typically hide themselves well.. Are you prepared to give this path your attention?'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Sheila tells you, 'Why... yes, Seril was just that way before he disappeared. It was right around the time he insisted we move out here and start this shop, in fact. I don't know where he's gone, perhaps he mentioned something to Elissana on one of his runs to supply our shop. Will he be okay? Can you help him?'

    Sheila tells you, 'He's so much quieter than usual those last two weeks. Always talking in short hops. If what you say's true it almost makes sense, like someone looking something up in a book before proceeding. It happened most when I asked him questions about things... it must've been true all along. Can you find him, dragon? I'd like at least to know what's become of him.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Elissana tells you, 'Seril? Yes, I recall him. Odd sort, very glib, preferred to hand me notes rather than talking. I couldn't say where he's gone offhand, though he asked me questions about the cleric's tower to the south of here once, and who inhabited it. It was nearly the only time I ever heard him speak without being spoken to. Perhaps you should try there, and ask that babbling fool Saint Thomas about it.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Thomas tells you, 'Welcome to the Tower of the High Cleric! My name is Saint Thomas Aqua, I am here to assist the worthy and bar the... hm?'

    Thomas tells you, 'I've seen a man of that description not so long ago, actually. Blond, looked like a warrior in training, though he claimed he was a consigner or something. Nervous type he was, didn't take kindly to my spilling the holy water all over him; I'm rather clumsy about that I'll admit. He got rather hostile.. in fact, I thought he was going to attack me, though he was quite a few ranks below me and I wasn't worried. I tried to calm him, but he went off along the eastern side of the mountain range fuming, said he'd be back.'

    Thomas tells you, 'When I say nervous, I really should say 'weird' I suppose. He staggered his speech something mighty, full of starts and stops, and wouldn't look at me even before I spilled water on him. He stormed off saying something about finding someone stronger, I suppose he expected to hire some flunky to get revenge on me. Seems a bit much for just some water spillage, to me.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    The man's speech is nothing but incoherent babbling. As Valkoth said, his mind is barren. Even a dragon inquiring loudly at him gets no reaction. His presence here suggests the mind lasher has found another host... looking around, you pick up a broken staff with an inscription upon it.

    Seril tells you, 'anger... anger... strongervessel... easttoselen... foundonefoundone...'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Gatekeeper tells you, 'I recognize that staff, dragon! It belonged to Barmos, the mage who occupied this position until recently. He went missing, and I was drafted to replace him as Selen's gatekeeper. They say he travelled north along the great wall, perhaps Aughundell would be the next logical place, if you seek him.'

    Gatekeeper tells you, 'Come now, you can't truly believe that just because our title is 'Gatekeeper' we have no names? I am Jenras myself, pleased to meet you. Barmos was a neat and tidy sort, anal to the point of labelling his individual belongings and having his hat cleaned every morning. That staff segment you have there says "property of Barmos" on it, I'll wager.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Barmos tells you, 'towertower... north... where... intheice... strongervesselfindstronger...'
    Quote Originally Posted by Barmos's normal greeting
    Barmos tells you, 'Hail dragonjghost01. I once faced the Mind Lasher and for many years I wandered, an empty shell. But I have begun to regain my mind and my senses. Now, the Empire has seen fit to give me a position again and for that I am grateful. You stand here at South Gate, southern gateway to the Frontier. If you travel east, be careful and keep a watchful eye for the Withered Aegis. If you seek Feladan, you need only travel south through the forest.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Eilen tells you, 'Finally, someone to talk to other than that whiner! I... oh, oh my. Yes, actually, I have seen a strange animal in this area, a werewolf with unusual coloration for a snowy type. It shows up here occasionally as though keeping tabs on us. Afterwards it heads off east down the peninsula, though I couldn't say exactly where.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    The werewolf looks at you, clearly not the usual beast.

    Talon tells you, 'Grrrrr... another one! You tempt me, hatchlinnng, you do you do! You all do!'

    Talon tells you, 'Thiss vessel iss strong, yes, much life in it. But not smart, no possibilitiesss... jussst rrun and hunt. But you sssilly dragons sometimess find me... ssteal a piece of me... you are alwayss protected by your little frienddsss, NEED their protectionss. I knoww what you want, I do. You wissh my sservices, yess? Wissh to defeat mme and get a sliverr of your mmmind into that pretty bauble. Thiss is a sservisse I will sell to you. I havve a businnness propossition, I do. Thiss will cost you cossst you it will.'

    Talon tells you, 'Grrrr... good good. I have alliesss I do, myself... as all beingss do, even thosse of blight. I wissh to communicate with them. One you will ffind is kalled Kaa, the other Lem. They inhabbit vessels not sso different... from thiss one at times... at othersss they are mmen like any otherss. Both are much sstronger than I... have no thoughts of thisss ssame bargain with themm hatchlinnng. Now, given you hhave accepted thiss bargain, yess, take thesse messagesss to them. One dwellsss in the wesstern desert, the otherrr on an issland of dry grass in the northeasst.'

    Talon tells you, 'Botth have been here for mmany yearrs, grrrrr. I am wweak compared to them... their mindsss... They can commannd more than a sssingle vessel they can. Botth are in two, thhree, perhaps more, places at oncce. Ssome of their formms are knownn to your kind, hatchlinnng, otherss not. Butbut... I am clever, I knnow thinnngs, they resspect me and mmy methhods.'

    Talon tells you, 'Verrry good, little lissard. I will give you nno paper, you must pass this mmessage by memmory. Sspeak to Kaa, inforrm him of my wherreabouts and tell himm neitherrr three nor four is what he sseeks. Sspeak to Len, tell him he may seek thrrree, but nevver fivve. Tell them both mmy inevesstigation is yet incomplete, but matters require my stay here for some time. I hope thiss is clearrrr, lissard.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Kaa tells you, 'Another one? I am amazed by... steady influx of messengers that Esh manages... recruit. He must have found something we have not seen... a clever one, Esh is.'

    Kaa tells you, 'Indeed, Esh may not be of great age or strength... but quick of wit, I cannot deny. I suppose he made... business deal of a sort with you, dragon? Perhaps I do not care... the details anyhow. Apologies, I am occupied... another vessel of mine fights one of the Gifted, whose type is becoming... common these days.'

    Kaa tells you, 'I am in four places at this time... dragon. Normally it is a kind of effortless, but occasionally... direct and concentrated attention is required.'

    Kaa tells you, 'One who does not die... I know the other is one of them, for Shade has killed it before. Someday... must take one as a vessel, it would provide much less trouble in the lengthy term, I think.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Lunus RoP
    Lem tells you, 'Good, I am always glad... another of Esh's messengers. I do not know what he pays these but... he does seem to find them. Thank Esh for his words.'

    Lem tells you, 'You wonder what... all could mean, yes? Just a bit of information, nothing more. We all have... hobbies, you know. Deciding where to go, what to be...'

    Lem tells you, 'I sometimes aid those... who spread the blight. I do not enjoy... as vessels, but they are useful, and can provide... power. I once played an artisan... who built a machine to summon them, in fact. This was... different world, however.'

    Lem tells you, 'Don't worry so, Lissard. I know... kind, you are strong, but have limitations. Perhaps... you are older.'
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