I've been playing Horizons for 2 years and 4 months. I still come across new sights and much under utilized spaces that bring wonder, amazement, and questions.

In the desert north of Dryart, there are some pyrmids, enormous columns and arches, a painted wall, and some very basic square structures.

Are these possibly old Saris structures from before the time of Galt?
If so, were these Saris living at the time of the Trandalar raids and wiped out, or did they predate even that time?

From the very beginning, the desert's belonged to the Saris:
"'In the beginning of the world, the gods cast lots to decide where each race would live. Dragons won the high mountains and deep fires, dwarves the places of stone and the depths of the earth. Elves won the great forests and humans the tall grasslands. Merrasat claimed the sun-warmed deserts and sandy beaches for the Saris. ..."