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    Just a quick question on comparisons.. If a mage is looking to become more durable but still be open to arcane spells, which would be a better persuit? Is KNOC's summoned weapon and armor as good as crafted armor at level 100? Or should one go with a Battlemage's setup?
    I am looking for something to make him survive much better, rather then be more offensive.
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    If the idea is better survivability, go for Battlemage, as a KNOC you lose out at lvl 100 on 6 spots for crystals such as armor, health and say a resistance or dex. The armor isn't smmoned just the sword and shield.
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    I choose the path of Knight of Creation on most of my chars.
    Cept I hardly ever summon the weap and shield, always with a Basterd Sword.
    With magic from Conjurer, you can burn down the prey, and if that doesnt get it, Chop it in half. Knoc is a fun school to go threw, but helps to have a few magic schools to help.

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    KNOC was my first class and still the one that I prefer when not grinding another class (not that I've been in since moving to vista). It's been a while since I've been in as BTLM but I recall it being quite good fun. Nice to have some magic along with good armor. I did BTLM as (iirc) my fourth class so had some other skills such as 100 Warrior, 100 Mage, 100 KNOC to support me through it. A friend who did BTLM as his first class wasn't impressed saying something like "This class is shite cos you're not good with a sword and you're crap at magic!". I'm biased but I'd go KNOC again first up.

    To answer the o.p. the KNOC weapons have +100 bling. Go KNOC


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    If you dont have any Weapon skills like one hand slashing/shield or two hand mace skill up there for a differnt school then I would go KNoC or Chaose as you get the skill gains you need to use there weapons well.

    With the Battle mage you what levels in Mage and Warroir first at least one or the other to make use of the Battle Mage class.
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