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Thread: Blight Client 382.14.0

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    I am going to post again concerning this issue because it is getting a bit unplayable and frustrating. Most likely exagerating a wee bit, but it seems as though 50 percent of my time is spent looking at the loading screen or my desktop after CTDs or 106's. I am wracking up the DPs drowning or mobbed when I finally do get back in to find myself long dead after a 10+ minute load.

    I'm begging...please consider a rollback.
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    Kraken, it is possible to use the live client on blight. Which should restore some playability if the current client is too unstable for you... PM me if you want.


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    Well, good news, the "particle effects don't show" bug appears to be taken care of on an internal client build. The random CTD and "taking forever to load" are being investigated, though those are going to be tough to squash unless they can be reliably triggered.

    Has anyone figured out how to trigger either the CTD or extremely long load time?

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    It seems the CTD appears when you come to a region that you don't have visited before, so to speak when you have no wolrd chacee data for it, or the wolrd chacee data is outdated. Where I crashed before and had long loading times, when I cleaned my world chacee, it was going more smoothly. But had still long loading times and low fps. Just wild guesses on my side.

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    World cache is always my first check for issues, and should be everyone's when in doubt. But you are correct that the 'feel' of most of the crashes directs me to the cache simply based on prior experience.

    However, I can find no pattern. Three crashes were flying over or standing in water, all others were combos of all esle...places I have not been in a long time, places I was a few hours before and places I spend most of my time in (which is every other possible situation). All with and without cleared cache to test the theory.

    Most times in the past and even now, when I have a hard time deciding what to do that day, I take a character on a 'grand tour' of istaria simply to update my cache to reduce load times. So this is something I have paid close attention to over the years. lol
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    Load times are taking significantly longer even with the Live 381 client (logging onto Blight), so it is a double whammy of sub-par Blight hardware and something with the 382.14 client.

    The Live client at least actually finishes loading. With the 382 it takes so long, hanging at Loading World History (64), that I just give up and close the app.


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    Also on a few occasions I've noticed extreme difficulty in joining group. Would send 8-10 group invites over time and none of them ever show up.

    This was, of course, then followed by a CTD.

    Oh...and terrain loading issues as well. The NR gate wouldn't load for me. I ran out of range and back and it still wouldn't appear. I also had black terrain in Kion. Buildings and structures showed up, but on a completely black emptiness. Relogging allowed them to load in.

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    I killed another 300+ maple and yew treant trees not a single orni dropped out of the loot table.

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