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    Well, this is an ongoin issue with me. I accepted the quest given by Vrex in Sslanis. I was sent out to hunt down an Ancient Mummy, which is cool, I'm almost certain I can handle it. The problem is, I cant locate that wrapped up dead guy. All coords I'm given be fellow adventurers lead me to an empty baron spot of land, with not 1 mob around, well maybe there might be 20 or so wolves chasing me, but no Ancient mummy.

    Are the ancient mummy in game? If so, please someone tell me the coords.

    Thanx in advance, Pack

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    I thought the Ancient Mummy was no longer in game, but i could be wrong. Vrex's quests havent changed since the merge so i think most of them are useless at the moment.
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    I'm pretty sure ancient mummies aren't in game again...

    Vrex had to be added back in for one of the epic quests so my guess would be that he, like Lady Kendra (who is MIA) still need some work.

    I'd suggest making a tech support ticket <shrug> that way even if u just get the "forwarded to the live team" response they know that one more person has a problem with the Vre quest line. Maybe it'll get bumped up on the todo list.
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