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Thread: Temporary De-multiclassing?

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    Default Temporary De-multiclassing?

    My kitty took Paladin to level 100, but then I wanted to try playing as a ranger. After getting some lowbie gear and heading out for adventure, I noticed something: I'm still fighting like a paladin. I'm horribly inaccurate with my bow and nature spells against the monsters I must fight to gain experience, so the best I can do is pull with Long Shot and then draw my trusty sword and shield for the actual beatdown. I don't want to unlearn the other schools permanently but I would like to be able to turn them off so I can play as a ranger instead of a paladin in medium armor who has a ranged pull. Would anyone else be interested in being able to "switch off" your extra classes or is that just me?

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    It is because your modified bow skill is, and I will hazard a guess at this cause I do not know your current ranger level, is somewhere between 275 and 350. So going off the high end that I just suggested and over simpliflying it you are trying to attack a lvl 86-90 mob with level 35ish bow skill. The trick to leveling a new adventure school is to utilize all the avialable cross class skills and abilities that carry over from your other upper end adventure schools. So you have the right of it. Grab your trusty 1 handed slasher and shield and have it. The only other suggestion i have is if you have a lvl 100 craft school get mithral jewelry and Padded ironsilk armor made tech with T5 bow skill to help you get a jump into your bow use.
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    Hmm - the trouble with "swtiching classes on and off" is that it'd make Levelling all classes to 100 pretty easy .. All you would have to do is switch of all other classes and you'd have no rating penalty. With someone helping you, eg - a high level healer not grouped with you - you'd be R278 in a week.

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    True it would make leveling everything to 100 easier, but while leveling you wouldn't have the skills and abilities gained from those other classes. I'd rather have that than have to roll a new character every time I want to experience a class without having to rely on things I gained from other classes. My kitty was a mage briefly (an experiment to see if multicast worked with heals. It doesn't) and instead of using magic to fight enemies, he just beat on things with his mighty staff. Best. Mage. Ever!

    To be honest I'd rather they get rid of multi-classing entirely, but that's not going to happen.

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    as much as id like this the standard arguement i also agree with. itd make lvlin classes to 100 to easy which is sposed to get harder as you lvl.
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