Zebeginia’s Discovery

Zebeginia flexed his wings, stretching his tail, and felt the new strength of his scales. They seemed…. More substantial. More resilient. He was unsure what had caused them to become this way nearly overnight, but it felt exhilarating. Still, many of the other Dragons of Istaria had concerns about this abrupt change, and they had asked him to present their questions to the newly returned Council of Elders.

“State your business with the Council, Zebeginia?, Nafemi the Nurturer spoke softly.

Zebeginia cleared his throat, “I have questions regarding recent events. The Dragons of Istaria wish to draw upon your wisdom and knowledge. Will you give us an answer??

The council members looked down upon Zebeginia, taking his measure. It was Edath who broke the silence, “That all depends upon the question does it not, young one??

Under the unblinking gaze of the Council, Zebeginia began to feel more apprehensive than he had felt in a hundred years. But he represented his people, and they had charged him with this task. He steeled himself and began, “The question is regarding our scales and our being. They have become stronger, harder, in recent days. Many among us are concerned, even alarmed at the changes. While it would seem we have been given a great gift, we know nothing about where this new strength came from, or what it portends. We desire your wisdom in this matter, to help us determine the cause of our new power.?

“Well stated, Zebeginia, you will have your answer.? Nafemi turned toward Deisaes, motioning with her paw.

Deisaes lashed his tail, “Yes, the answer is quite simple actually. When the Altar of Drulkar was hidden many years ago, separating you from the First Dragon, much of the power of the ancients was lost with it. With the re-discovery of this chamber, that power is returning. What you have felt is a mere taste; much of our strength remains locked away, waiting for those among you worthy of ancienthood to claim it. But a little of the power has leaked, seeped, into the general populace of our people, suffusing them with new-found strength and resiliency. You feel it in your scales, they are more resistant, are they not??

“Yes, they are? replied Zebeginia. “But, what about…?

“No more questions.? Ristef abruptly interrupted, “You will be given more to know in time, and more immediate matters require our attention.?

Nafemi nodded, “You have received your answer, Zebeginia. Now go, tell our people.?

- - - - - - -

The recent re-discovery of the Altar of Drulkar has released much power and strength that has suffused the general populace of Dragons with newfound resiliency.

Dragon scales are one aspect that has been affected. They are harder when created then they were before, each providing a small amount of armour protection, in addition to their inherent bonuses, where they did not provide this armour bonus previously. This effect seems to be presents in both existing scales as well as newly created ones.

In addition, Dragons themselves feel more resilient. Their hide has thickened, providing a greater amount of protection than before. The effect, as measured by Zebeginia and other leading members of Dragon society, is fifty percent more of what it was and has effected older dragons as well as new ones.

While the most devout insist that the presence of Drulkar through the Altar is responsible for the change, skeptics assert that the powerful primal magic used to create the Altar is responsible for increasing the powers of dragons everywhere.