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Thread: Unity ...?

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    Question Unity ...?

    Hi Old Unity players,

    Qal Kehk here

    what is going on with the Old Unity Server? Still offline ?
    or ther any new Message about the old ACCs, to Transfer to a US Server ?

    i to conside to Reactivite my ACC but i will not Beginn from the First Level, <3 my Old Pala-Dwarf

    Qal Kehk

    P$: Sorry for the Bad English ^^

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    Default Re: Unity ...?

    Unity has been shut down, but you can ask for your character to be transfered on one of the US shards. All infos here
    Hope that helps and welcome back !

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    Hello Qal, welcome back to Istaria! The information you are seeking can be found here:
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    Order and Chaos right ? wher are the most old Unity Player ? ^^

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    There are a lot of old Unity players around, so do come back and join the club .

    I guess most are on Chaos, but maybe your old friends are on Order if they are into role playing. You could make 2 new chars, one on order and one on chaos and have a look around before you ask for the transfer.

    A lot has happened since Unity shut down, new quests to do!

    Hurray! Mor
    rison is back at his house near Bristugo!
    And the wisps on wis
    p isle are moving again!
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    greetings Qal

    Come back and see whats new- its a lot!!
    As Sigi said- make a trial first, and find out where your friends are.

    See you ingame- give me a tell if you need more informations
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Unity ...?


    any German Player here, that can help me with the Transfer etc. ?


    greets Qal

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    Of course! Feel free to send me a forum PM!

    (Na sicherlich. Schick mir einfach eine forum nachricht ! )

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