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Thread: timeline/dragon question

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    A pointed argument?

    Pierce damage all around!
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    I'm no expert on it, but I think dragons originally had very similar/the same capabilities as bipeds did, but the classes were removed from them in order to make playing a dragon a different experience from playing a biped.
    At a certain point the developers (rightly imho) decided to make dragons a completely different experience. Hence the separation between "bipeds" and us.

    Now, there's also the economic bit to take into account, as you can't easily make many multi-classes for the many bipeds races but also many classes for *one* race. It's against economy.

    So they went for a "dragons are jacks of all the trades and masters of none" and thus dragons are a sort of canned biped with 3 or so classes under their belt.

    Bipeds with less than 2-3 classes will be generally weaker than dragons, with 4-5 classes they outpace dragons till the extreme "multispec monsters" that were probably not even planned to ever exist.

    Moot point since this is not a PvP game
    Yes, it is.

    When you are playing side by side with people and see you easily die in your supposedly "legend powerful" creature (example: satyr isle mobs) while they don't get even dented, then it becomes PvP. They win, you lose, in your choice you made in the past.

    The feeling of being on a losing side is a much PvPish feeling, even in a PvE game.

    It's also why when the game was new it attracted so many dragons (first and last MMO to have them) and they almost all quit once they learned of i.e. self draining hoard, lack of skills past a certain level and perceived weakness compared to their biped friends, including relying on bipeds to perform very basic very "dragon only" rites, ie RoP.
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