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    Congrats on your ROP Tal

    Well Done


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    Congrats, Tal! And also to Lith and Zey, I imagine. I wish I could have stayed on long enough to have seen it.

    Warm winds, my friend.

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    huzzah tal-maru! *sets off fireworks, oblivious to where the dragon is flying overhead*

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    congrads to blight's newest adults!!! glad everything went well and i am glad that i at least have some idea about how hard it will be for mw!! hopefully, i will be able to have some help attuning to draak - we were so busy i wasn't able to update my map the other night!!
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    Klaus Wulfenbach
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    Pretty dragon you've got there. Congratulations.
    "Ohoh...someone is actually trying to sell something, I see an attunement coming. LOL" - Teto Frum

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