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Thread: Khutit form freezing

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    Default Khutit form freezing

    If transform into Khutit form and an action interupts it will freeze the model in dragon form w/o animation. Only way I have found to resolve is to relog

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    I had this happen to me recently on Order. I hit Khutit form by mistake in the middle of a battle and cancled before the spell completed. After that, the modle froze in the standing position and I was unable to fly, had to relog to fix it.

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    I recently "ghosted" in Khutit form. I went Khutit and everyone around me, including myself saw both my dragon form and my Khutit form. My Khutit was "frozen" even though that was what I "should" have been active in, but whenever I moved around or attacked, it was the dragon form that moved around.

    It was very very strange and has happened 2x in the last month. I finally had to relog.

    This was on Chaos.
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    Default Re: Khutit form freezing

    I've seen this effect to mostly when there is alot of combat going on. I've also been seen flying in khutit form <that got some odd looks>

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    Default Re: Khutit form freezing

    If you abort the animation, by removeing the icon during it or useing a ability, it will freeze you in khutit form, thus not able to morph back into a dragon, but a relog fixes it.

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    easy fix, Insert a stop action command right before the transform

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