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Thread: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    Rvlion’s Journal 1st Granite.

    It would seem that I am kicked back into the seat of leading this band of dwarfs. While in a way I should be honored I cannot help feeling that I do not feel entirely comfortable.

    My predecessor has told me that I have no worries about anything what so ever. Considering I don’t even trust myself let alone others let me be the judge of that.

    Food… Okay
    Drinks… Okay

    I guess the basics are fine… For now.

    It would seem that I need to make some minor alterations to the allocated jobs.
    A metalworker who is also a miner? The Clothmakers doing stone detailing?

    All these stones who are just laying around here are just annoying me, not to mention the fact that I see all these reports from my kin about bruises and scrapes from the non-smoothed walls every were.

    Also why am I digging tunnels near the center of the earth, maybe I will find out now while I run this place.

    Rvlion’s Journal 7th Granite.

    After many days of digging and finding loads of gems, stones, stones stones and did I mention stones? We discovered a vein with loads of gold. We might be able to do something with this in the future.

    Rvlion’s Journal 10th Granite.

    Finally finished with the gold, now I will go straight to the smelters to force them to smelt them into bars and at the same time started with the smoothing of the walls in the magma area. I have to say that the death cries of all those puppies being brought to the butcher workshop are really getting on my nerves…

    Rvlion’s Journal 13th Granite.

    The tree huggers aka the elves have arrived. Lets see if we still got some goblin junk for sale in exchange for probably a massive load of cloth. I will make this promise… If they only carry cloth they will die, not sure how I plan to do this but death awaits them.

    Rvlion’s Journal 17th Granite.

    It would appear that these elves might be likable after all.
    They brought booze, food, seeds and even a deer and 2 mountain goats.
    I will give them some goblin junk and send them on their way again.

    Only can someone please tell me why in the great one’s name we have dwarf leather and dwarf bone crafts… Will need to talk to my predecessor about this, even the elves gave me a weird look when trading them.

    Rvlion’s Journal 26th Granite.

    Migrants have arrived… 19 dwarfs total actually which makes our fortress now to a comfortable 80 dwarves.

    For the record this list:
    2 Miners
    2 Woodworkers
    1 Ranger
    1 Animal Caretaker
    1 Weaponsmith
    1 Woodcrafter
    1 Clothier
    1 Fish Cleaner
    1 Cheese Maker
    1 Milker
    1 Miller
    1 Tanner
    1 Marksdwarf
    1 Axedwarf
    3 peasents

    I will put them to work, probably stone hauling duty once I am done with my woodcutting…

    Rvlion’s Journal 14th Slate.

    Long time since anything interesting has happened, but news have reached my ears of Bembul from the food division has gone into a mood and claimed a Craftdwarf’s Workshop, it will probably be another worthless item, but I will try and stay kind to him.

    Rvlion’s Journal 19th Slate.

    After a curious check of the Craftdwarf’s Workshop I notices no Bembul, but 3 obsidian rocks, 2 turtle shells and 1 pipe opal… It is going to be some artifact with all this stuff.

    Rvlion’s Journal 22th Slate.

    After another complaint about the rock walls I have decided upon an emergency decree. The children have been put to work together with stone division to smooth all the walls, those annoying weaklings only eat and drink all day so good time to start making a contribution.

    Another sidenote… Bembul finally gathered all his stuff and has gone to work…

    Rvlion’s Journal 22th Slate.

    Bembul is finished with is experiment and it was disappointingly an obsidian mug which he calls Koshudesh Fidgam Enen, Slaughtersskins the Assembly of Illness. It is just another useless item to me… Why couldn’t it have been a nice obsidian sword or something.

    Rvlion’s Journal 13th Felsite.

    It has been a long time since my last report so I atleast wanted to write something. The woodcutting is going as planned and on schedule and so is the smoothing of the walls. I do get a lot of whining because the metal smiths cannot create Billion Bin’s and Barrels. For this reason I have decided to cancel the order to build these items for the time being.

    Rvlion’s Journal 23th Felsite.

    Today has been a sad day in the history of this fortress. One of our champions Kivish Inethust has died during a training accident.

    Rvlion’s Journal 3rd Hematite.

    Another boring, we have been building day and night on my special project for this year. It is not very important for the survival of the fortress, but a bit of smoothing and floor building will transform the fortress into a real obsidian eye catcher… for our own people that is. I don’t feel like fighting a whole lot and considering the goblins and kobolds have been keeping very quiet lately I fear for what is to come.

    But I am getting far to pessimistic… It is also time for great joy. Lorbam Ducimishen which is one of our faithfull marksdwarfs has given birth to a lovely baby girl. Which brings our number back to 80. The way that things are going right now we might even survive this year.

    Rvlion’s Journal 17th Hematite.

    The Human caravan has arrived this caused quite an annoyance for my predecessor considering I had the old Trade Depot disbanded due to some renovation, but it has been rebuild in the old animal training facility which has also been removed until further notice… For whoever reads these logs… In my head it had a purpose.

    While enjoying the new look of the outside fortress I notice my friends dumping some stones in the water of one of the smaller lakes. After I walked up to them and asked the simple question “why??, they explained that this was the designated dumpsite for all things we have no need for anymore. After asking if other of these sites existed that I had not yet heared of the reply was “yes, near the training catapults?. I immediately gave out the order that until further notice those 2 outside areas are no longer allowed to be used for item dumping. I saw many annoyed faces, probably because they liked the splash from the water…?

    Rvlion’s Journal 28th Hematite.

    Due to a terrible accident during the removal of some stairs hanging over the magma pipe the young child Rakust Azintekkud has drowned or better yet burned in the lava. The body of the child was no longer recoverable, the fait of a dog that was near the child at the time of the accident is as of yet unknown.

    Rvlion’s Journal 9th Malachite.

    It took Ironhand nearly 2 weeks but he finally found himself the time to actually go trade with the Humans waiting for him. The report that I have received mention that he bought all the food from the caravan, all the booze and a few metal bars that were for sale… Ow yes and don’t forget the 3 caged dogs.

    Rvlion’s Journal 13th Limestone.

    While doing my rounds enjoying our new and improved fortress I was nearly run over by Kol Oddomdodok who was running towards a mason’s workshop with a weird look in the eyes. I guess we shall be getting another piece of artifact junk.

    Rvlion’s Journal 22th Limestone.

    It would seem that the Dwarven caravan has arrived, they are hard to miss actually with 6-7 wagons, I ordered Ironhand to buy all the stuff we need and might need even some things that might seem strange. Later that day I received a report from Ironhand about the deal he made. On the list were loads of metal bars, food, animals in cages, steel stuff for smelting and appearently silk. When asking Ironhand about this he explained to me that Kol Oddomdodok had been yelling and screaming about not being able to find silk so he considered it wise to buy some from the traders. How much I hate to admit it… I agree with him on this.

    Rvlion’s Journal 27th Limestone.

    The dwarven bulldozer Kol Oddomdodok has appearently completed the item he constructed and it was actually a usefull item… Cenath Sebir, The Adventure of Hide, an Obsidian Table

    Rvlion’s Journal 8th Timber.

    Not a lot to write today except that another 8 Migrants have arrived. Which all have been blessed with hauling duty. The fortress still is a little messy and I prefer that dealt with as soon as possible

    Here is a list of occupation our new haulers had:
    1 Animal Caretaker
    1 Animal Dissector
    1 Jeweler
    1 Fisherdwarf
    1 Dyer
    1 Wood Burner
    2 Peasants

    Rvlion’s Journal 13th Moonstone.

    Our most blessed Mayor Libash Onuldallith mandated the crafting of 2 adamantium items... Has he gone completely crazy?!? Because of this I gave the order to relief Nil Olinadil Tosidliruk from her duty as Captain of the Guard and had her replaced with one of the haulers… Namely a dwarf named Mosus Uniblisid.

    Rvlion’s Journal 12th Opal.

    Rest in Peace Zon Kivishaval.
    Why did you have to go swimming with sturgeon and Sea Lamprey

    Rvlion’s Journal 20th Opal.

    Rest in Peace Dodok Asmellibad
    Knowing what had happened a week ago with Zon why did you need that exact same piece of wood and thus being forced to go swimming with sturgeon and Sea Lamprey.
    You both however shall always be missed (mostly because I forbade your corpse to be collected and Zon’s corpse is in the water).

    Rvlion’s Journal 12th Opal.

    Ow dear another artifact it would seem… One of the haulers have mentioned to me that Zaneg Likotrubal has claimed a Craftdwarf’s Workshop and is collecting various pieces of junk.

    Rvlion’s Journal 2nd Obsidian.

    It took a while but after checking out the workshop myself I saw Zaneg Likotrubal working hard with loads of items.

    Rvlion’s Journal 6th Obsidian.

    After a recent order I issued concerning the showing of artifacts to me in person Zaneg Likotrubal came to me today and showed me a Hematite Bracelet which he named Otadabod Amal Roldeth, Handstrikes the Teacher of Anguishing, a Hematite Bracelet.

    Rvlion’s Journal 1st Granite.

    It would seem that my year is over now. A bit boring considering I had absolutely no hostiles and as such I fear for those who are taking over from me after today.

    - Koshudesh Fidgam Enen, Slaughtersskins the Assembly of Illness (bv: 68400)
    - Cenath Sebir, The Adventure of Hide (bv: 86400)
    - Otadabod Amal Roldeth, Handstrikes the Teacher of Anguishing (bv: 93600)

    - New magma dump
    - Info about 3 new artifacts
    - General stats at the end of the year

    Save game for year 208:

    Changes in my year:
    - Above ground base area floored except the small murky pools and rover (the grass and trees annoyed me)
    - 1st level above ground floor busy with flooring, but is not yet completed (I like a roof over my head)
    - Floored over the Magma pipe and re-build the magma dump system my predecessor created (junk now falls all the way down to bottom level and vanishes completely instead of remaining submerged on a ledge near the pipe’s edge)
    - Enlarged the underground wood stockpile and cut down most trees on the map. 2 Dwarfs and 1 horse foal died while trying to collect wood close to river edge (wood in that corner has been made forbidden for now!!).
    - Enlarged the underground food stockpile.
    - All busy area’s have been smoothed and some of that has also been engraved.
    - Moved trade depot, deleted wood furnace, glass furnace, and several other workshops which were located on the surface and have not replaced them at a different location (deletion was mostly due to the flooring in progress).
    - Removed all above ground stockpiles.
    - Did some digging on one of the subterranean levels and dug out 3 large veins of copper and 1 vain of hematite (still 1 vein of hematite to be dug out very close to the central staircase!!)
    - Dug out 1 large gold vein at the absolute bottom level
    - Lost a few dwarfs 1 child in the magma and 2 dwarfs went swimming with sturgeon, but gained a lot of dwarves due to migration waves and population now sits at 86 dwarves.
    - All caravans that came to the fortress came have survived and I bought all food, metal, animals (except most cats I believe) and some silk.
    - Considering the annoying mayor suddenly wanted Adamantine stuff I removed the old Sheriff from office and replaced him/her with a less lethal dwarf.
    - Using Dwarf Manager I have relocated some dwarves, but most of the new emigrants have been placed in the Carriers group (with the sole purpose of carrying stuff from place to place when not flooring the roof).
    Rvlion- LvL 100:100:100 - 59.3M - Lunus Ancient
    Gallinthus- LvL 100:42:41 - 6.9M - Hatchling
    Lohasbrand LvL 4:3:0 1.0M - Hatchling
    Sslion- LvL 25 Mage, 25 Warrior, 10 Cleric, 6 Druid, 6 Monk and a few Craft Schools

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    FINALLY, migrants!

    XD You sure killed off a lot of Dwarves though... but interesting that there were no hostiles. Maybe they don't have any left to send out after us after the 8 groups that attacked me the year before? Also, I forgot to mention this, but Ironhand's woodcutting labor should probably be turned off. I was only using it to get him axe experience, after all.

    I also didn't mention this before because I hadn't done anything with it, but I also unearthed a huge vein of gold during my year. There should be MORE than enough gold to go around now.

    Heh, that's Lorbam's third child. She sure gets busy while supposedly patrolling the grounds >_>

    I've been playing the new version, and so far a few things have caught me out (like the soil bug), but overall I like it very much. You can rename Dwarves, basically create an AI for your army, and a lot of previous issues are now gone. That said, we still only have the two of us for now, so doing a succession with it game will be a waste.

    Maybe if we're lucky people will come help us finish this one.

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    I tried the 31.01 version and it was ultra slow.
    Later I tried the 31.04 version this was okay, but I do not feel like "learning" it while it is bugged.
    Not even to mention the fact that I do not want 150-200 underground floors.
    Rvlion- LvL 100:100:100 - 59.3M - Lunus Ancient
    Gallinthus- LvL 100:42:41 - 6.9M - Hatchling
    Lohasbrand LvL 4:3:0 1.0M - Hatchling
    Sslion- LvL 25 Mage, 25 Warrior, 10 Cleric, 6 Druid, 6 Monk and a few Craft Schools

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    Yeah, I'm trying 31.01 now actually. I've found it slower too, and it also takes about 4 times as long to save - just long enough to get on your nerves. I don't really want to try the newest version before it's been properly debugged and prepared, because DF takes a long time to play.

    Still, there are many good features in 31.01, and once the major bugs are dealt with it'll be awesome. I love being able to program the military and no longer having issues with getting shells from turtles. And many things that were screwy before work now so yeah. 2 steps forward, 1 step back as they say XD

    We'll get there!

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    I truly believe that the new version is going to be a whole lot beter then the older 40d version. However what use is a miner if he doesn't pick up his pickaxe and a marksdwarf who doesn't fire at the enemy.
    The whole idea of fighting enemies underground when opening up a cavern sounds like fun however fighting through 3-4 caverns before finally reaching magma is something that I am not really going to enjoy. 150 to 200 levels underground. It wouldn't be so bad if you could make the fortress so old that you eventually get 10.000-50.000 dwarfs. Then you would need all that space, but my average fortress currently fits in a 40d 3x3 embark site and I always quit due to low FPS. Once it goes below 50 I get annoyed and when I go below 20 I will probably quit soon.
    The longest fortress I played was 6-7 years in exactly the same location as our current succession game is played, but in that game I also quit due to FPS (about 120 dwarves, no nobles except Philosopher and Dungeon Master).

    The game would be so cool if you would have 100 FPS at start and keep 100 FPS even after 25 years of play and 200+ dwarves… Ow well it is an Alpha game so who knows what the future of the game brings.
    Rvlion- LvL 100:100:100 - 59.3M - Lunus Ancient
    Gallinthus- LvL 100:42:41 - 6.9M - Hatchling
    Lohasbrand LvL 4:3:0 1.0M - Hatchling
    Sslion- LvL 25 Mage, 25 Warrior, 10 Cleric, 6 Druid, 6 Monk and a few Craft Schools

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    Hey Guys,

    Well I am playing with 40d as I found the new version too different for the tut vids in the military section, also the fact that you needed to flood the ground in the fort before you could farm was not so popular with me either (though I could did manage to do it).

    I would be up for a succession game in a couple of weeks. Should give me time to get my head around the game a little better. Though I probably shouldn't start it.... will not pick a good site as I don't know how. Just got lucky this time I suppose.

    as for me what would I like to be. gemcutter/setter and stone crafter (which I know means that I could go insane.... oh well )

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Freelancer View Post
    I would be up for a succession game in a couple of weeks. Should give me time to get my head around the game a little better. Though I probably shouldn't start it.... will not pick a good site as I don't know how. Just got lucky this time I suppose.
    You can always download my last savegame and just check out the fortress, might be a learning experience as well. No need to finish the year immediatly unless you really want too... This succession has been going on for like... ages so we are in no hurry to continuou here.
    Rvlion- LvL 100:100:100 - 59.3M - Lunus Ancient
    Gallinthus- LvL 100:42:41 - 6.9M - Hatchling
    Lohasbrand LvL 4:3:0 1.0M - Hatchling
    Sslion- LvL 25 Mage, 25 Warrior, 10 Cleric, 6 Druid, 6 Monk and a few Craft Schools

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    Having just come off the back of playing 40d a fair bit, I can say this: I don't think we should use 40d for a succession game yet. Despite having tons of new and fixed features, 40d also suffers from near-game-breaking bugs, such as the occasional map generation crash, specific injuries (and thus injured Dwarves) never healing and a bunch of buggy military stuff.

    Not to mention the massive lag brought on by the addition of like 100 new z-levels, which would kill most slower PCs outright. I mean, it takes me about 20 seconds or so to save anything... so I can't imagine what a slower PC would be like.

    And then there's the annoying bugs, like the irrigation one Freelancer mentioned which just makes farming nearly impossible to do large-scale... at least until you have a sizeable fortress and enough Dwarves to make fancy contraptions. There's also the fact that healthcareis so much more complicated now. Sure, it's neat to have to have crutches and splints and thread and powder, but that also means you have to get the thread and powder from somewhere, as well as set up a hospital and assign Dwarves as caretakers. In maps without large forests or farm-able soil, this can pose quite a problem, whereas in the old version you can set up a fortress nearly anywhere and still survive, even if just barely.

    So yeah, might wanna wait until some of the bigger bugs are ironed out first, 'cause I'd hate to see people getting messed up by those kinds of issues.

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    I hope no one minds the necro, but I've given this game another go. Thanks to the lazy newb pack, instead of crying about that goblin running near me (it's a gopher) I now cry about why a shortcut key isn't working.

    After 3 hours of trying to find a spot to settle, (The brochure said this was a temperate zone! Why is it covered in snow?!) I finally found a spot that was full of trees, fairly flat and wasn't right next to an elven kingdom or some haunted forest.

    Digging into the mountain's rock, I find it's not a rock at all, but red sand. I think nothing of it at first- after all it will make a pretty floor and set up a few pile rooms, a small workshop, a dormitory and some stairs down.

    Below that layer of red sand... is yellow sand. What kind of area is this?!

    After 5 layers I finally hit some nice blue stone, microculine. Finally! A good place to set up a proper dining hall! If there is a way to carve and smooth sand, I have not found it and there's no point in having an unimpressive dining hall.

    At least there is lots of wood. I keep having to dig new tunnels to make way for more piles of wood.

    Trouble is, it's nearly autumn and with a mountain full of sand, there is no way to grow food. Even the outside is unsuitable because there is no clay or mud in a coniferous forest for some reason that I can't figure out.

    Thankfully, some red clay on level 4 provides enough area for some real food!

    Just as I figure out the food problem, All my dwarves cry out at the same time that they have no water! A winter storm has set in and the lakes all froze. Setting up a still did nothing. They complained of no container. I panicked and hit every button I could to try and tell the dwarves to not immediately use every barrel I make for storing berries.

    While my head is swimming of images of everyone dying of thirst within my first year, one of my haulers gets 'in a fey mood'. Naively I think this is a good thing, like inspiration.

    I think little of it, fix the still problem and go about trying to set up traps and setting my workers to dig out some nice gems I found in the walls of my still vacant noble housing area.

    Suddenly she goes berserk and starts killing everything! This is a lot worse than everyone dying of thirst...
    I can do nothing as I have no guards, war dogs, hunters or anything that can safely bring her down.
    "That's what you get for having a party!" I yell to no one in particular. She takes down one of my best miners, two dogs, and the doctor before being felled by my woodcutter.

    The diplomat from Mountainhomes arrived. I have no idea what to say to him. I have no trade depot and have yet to receive any nobles to be a trader.
    Even if I had those, what do I ask for? Gems? Food? My head swimming with the loss of three of my best dwarves, I answer 'more migrants'. He laughs and tells me that I really need to have an answer to strengthen bonds. Right now I was burning bridges. He left shortly after. I left too after I heard the only dog we have left was left in the pit under the bridge when we built it and suffocated to death.

    Despite all these strange happenings, I'm having fun so far!

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    Default Re: Dwarf Fortress (more time wastage ahead!)

    (sorry I didn't get dates for these. New paragraphs are new months.)
    We abandoned the old fortress when water ran out again... I also found some blueprints for nicer designs for workshops and living areas, so the colony decided to start over.

    This new location is almost opposite of the last one. Or... maybe exactly the same in some ways. Anyways, the entire cliff face where the entrance was dug was laced with pure gold! The entire entryway has pure gold flooring! I can't believe my luck. The only thing that would make this site better was if there were trees made of blood thorn or some other pretty wood to increase the value of my fortress. It's so much better than non smoothable sand.

    First winters are the worst. I swear I will never be comfortable with them. Just as I was sure some of my dwarves would succumb to thirst or the crazies, winter broke and spring arrived.

    I've found a douwnside to my fortress of gold. There is no way to make caps the common ingredient in booze. Hopefully strawberry wine will be enough. I'm a little annoyed at having to devote time and resources to converting an outside area into a contained fortress when I could be working on the dining hall but there seems to be no level with soil in it for growing plants.

    One of my best stone engravers never ceases to amaze me with her work. Seems like I'm always being told of what a great job she's doing. However, she has adopted another cat. This is a bit troubling as I've heard [url=]horror stories[/url about having too many cats that take over the fortress and render it inoperable. The wierd thing is, I nicknamed her "Kat" at the beginning of our journey because Catten Zimnish lent to it. How very strange.

    Just when I thought my blood pressure couldn't go any higher, Sally, one of my farmers walked up to me with a brand new infant, announced she was taking two weeks off and skipped off without another word. A wise move as I'm not exactly thrilled with the compound issue of another mouth to feed and losing one of my best farmers right before fall ends.

    As if on cure, a group of migrants ended up at my door. I grumbled about having to train a new farmer, but told Dusk my mechanic to lower the bridge and let them in. Upon further examination of them, none of them have any skill with the traders.
    what rotten luck. My broker is a bit dimwitted so last fall I had them carry off most of my stuff with only a small bit of textiles in exchange. I've been hoping someone would come in so I can replace her.
    One of the migrants was carrying... a baby drake. I'm not even sure what this creature is- some kind of duck? No book I've found even mentions it. It seems harmless enough, but I'll ask the traders when they come back if they've ever seen this type of creature before.

    My Jeweler has taken to a strange mood. Which is quite a shame because her workshop floor hasn't been dug out enough yet. I quietly locked her door while she slept and asked the carpenter for a few caskets. The ordeal wasn't all bad, it inspired me to make a masoleum before winter hit. And to make sure to install more dorrs everywhere in the case of depression and the need to suddenly isolate someone...

    I don't know what happened last year but the number of children running around is intolerable. They eat and drink and don't work! I haven't even seen the first one that was born last year grow up yet! There's at least five of the snot nosed buggers running around doing nothing but eating all the food! What's worse is, the combination of that drake and Kat's popularity has meant that everyone caught the "let's out do each other" bug. It's terrible!
    It started with the Woodcutters and Hunters having dogs. Then Kat ended up with two cats.
    Doctor Cog wanted a rooster
    Hauler Ubu decided he didn't want to be outdone so he got a guineahen
    Woodcutter Zash has a kitten (Ack! Not another kitten!)
    Woodburner Zu has a duckling
    and Zefon, my glasscutter has a peahen that keeps shooting out chicks.

    I thought cats were bad, but have you seen what exotic birds do to the floor! At least cats bury it...
    Thankfully Zefon has been in a bad mood lately. I'm kind of hoping the old guy croaks so this nonsense will subside.
    I have to go. My expedition leader is yelling at me. Something about his quarters suddenly not being sufficient and one of those snot nosed children is hosting a party which means the engraving work will not get done today.

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