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    Where to begin when one is so touched and so humbled by the generosity of many? As some know my health has been in a state of constant ups and downs due to many reasons. I won't burden you with the details, other than to say that there were times I did not know if I would pull through. I won't burden the world with my troubles other than to say it has been a very long and hard battle thus far for me.

    Some of you know I had left the game at one time for health reasons and I came back and again left. It seems that pattern continues a lot. On my last return I had hoped it would be a very long time in happening again, but alas, it did happen and I was once again pulled from the world of Istaria for a period of time. I came back to find the plot I wanted so badly gone from my grasp and was saddened but determined to start again and bought another plot close by the original one. And the process for construction began again. After planning it, I was assured that I would get some help with it from my dearest friend Leonea. I wasn't worried about getting help, I just wanted to have a plot and get it done when I could, hopefully before I was pulled away again. Little did I know, my dear friend had a plan up her sleeve and it wasn't just her furry arm!

    After planning the layout I told her I'd be gone for some tests and hopefully would be back to help and when I did log back in I found so many already working and had already popped buildings and were grouped up in the process of building on my plot. I stood there in shock and gazed around me and literally just sat and cried. The generosity and kindness of so many for one person was overwhelming. Even if that person was me, which I never expected. I remembered the world projects of the past and how many banded together to see them completed, those were good times and I enjoyed them. Especially since in those times I could throw myself into them at full force and not feel ill... In a person's world where hope is all they have to hold onto, this act from so many that I had just met and from those I remember from long ago, was so touching I could do nothing but keep saying thank you. I still keep saying that, because I never expected that to happen at all.

    Words of my deepest gratitude and thanks are all I have to offer, but they are genuinely from my heart and soul. Because of such a grand and wonderful act of generosity I've chosen to rename the plot from Silver's Haven of Rest to "Istaria's Ray of Hope" and all of it's silos and storehouses are public and all of you can use them. I don't think there are words sufficient enough to express how I truly feel or how much it all meant to me. Just know if there is anything at all I can do in return I will do it for any of you. You've truly touched my heart and soul and gave me smiles and much hope. You all are very special people, never forget that. *HUGS* to all of you, and be warned you will be getting a lot of them from Silver in game. Thank you again.

    *Soft, warm, fuzzy HUGS*


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    I was glad to help you get some weight off your shoulders so you can now relax and enjoy your new plot and the game while you try to get better as you can **hugs silver**
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    That is a wonderful thing to do Leonea, heartfelt congratulations on organising this and coordinating the kind builders of Istaria!

    Best wishes to Yash, I hope everything works out.

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    I wasn't here to see this, but I commend everyone involved for their generosity and selflessness.


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    It does an old Saris's heart good to see so many dragons and bipeds all focused on one goal. It was amazing how quickly we could pull together and pull it off. To Silver, this old Saris hopes you get to feeling better and will enjoy many more long hours with us. To the others that helped - you were fantastic! Let's do it again sometime.
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    And now you know why Leo is so dear to me, she can get even the laziest among us moving! Heh she had SO MANY notes they flowed onto MY desk!

    Silver, I may not see you often but my heart and will go to you, be well and make good use of your new wonders.
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    Egads, I am so late (a month now) in replying! *facepalms*

    You are most welcome Yash as I certainly enjoyed helping out! ^__^ I learned quite a few things (when I was just starting out helping with construction plots), met some great folks and was able to assist in what great communities are for! It's win-win in my book.

    I do hope that your real life troubles and burdens will ease up and get better for you soon. *huggles*

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