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Thread: Locating Cerulean Azulyte

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    Default Locating Cerulean Azulyte

    I have a map pack, which tells me four locations to get this type of Azulyte. Two are hostile, one is kind of a pain to run to and the other doesn't seem to exist in the game anymore.

    The first two mentioned are on the Abandoned Island, and on Scorpion Island, on the mountain ranges.

    The third is north of the Izzon Crest settlement, way off the beaten path.

    The fourth is indicated to be in a "public" lair at 24454 / 21835, but when I go into that lair/cave there are two bends and a brick wall. No Azulyte to be seen, far as I can tell.

    Am I missing something? Where should a hatchling go for Cerulean Azulyte?

    Not that I really, REALLY need this yet... but I'm trying to do the lairshaping quest that requires it, and I could see this being an issue later.
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    What server are on? The crystal is at the very bottom of the completed lair. So if they lair has not been completed then you can not get to it.

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    Chiconis' public lair has Azulyte.

    It's at the bottom. As you have the map pack you'll be able to find the route, but that's where I went for mine.

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    The cave in the attachment to this post? It's the closest cave, on the left side of the window. You can't miss it.
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    That is it. If it is not completed that is why you can not reach it.

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    I do wonder, then. There doesn't seem to be anything to "complete"--it's just a lair entrance, followed by two bend chambers and ends in a stone wall.

    I am playing on Order, if there's any question.

    Update: Okay, I think something is screwed up on my end. I managed to force the camera through the stone wall--there's definitely a completed section beyond the wall, but I'm blocked out. I'm going to try some stuff, then.

    Update 2: Problem solved. I had been using the client currently on blight, and it had probably cached the entrance as being incomplete.
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    Default Re: Locating Cerulean Azulyte

    Several cerulean azulyte fields are around Chiconis. An easy one to get to is run to the iron golems, then run on the ridge between upper and lower fields. When the ridge ends, keep running straight on and jump off the cliff. You'll be in an azulyte field surrounding several broken dragon-killing ballistas.
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    Yes I know Order is finished as I finished it myself. I am proud of my little project there. Yes that is a problem with using the blight client. It brings over the blight world cache with it and a lot of stuff is not done there.

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