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Thread: How do you create new skins?

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    Question How do you create new skins?

    I've seen people post threads here about modding the way the dragons look.
    For example, someone posted a thread about a 'Mummy' mod they made, which made the dragons skin bandage-like. Also another about making your claws and teeth white. How are they doing this? Is there a file somewhere to download? And if so, where would I upload my mods?
    If anybody could give me step-by-step instructions, that would be most appreciated!

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    There is no file to download...All the texture files for the dragons (and everything else) are sitting on your PC as part of the client. Most of them are in AGH or AGD form though. So you need to get Fridlekh's converter - which you should be able to find here by doing a search.

    Use the converter to make the AGH file into a PNG - modify it .. convert it back and then put it into your resources override folder to use it instead of the original one (else it will be overwritten when you patch next).

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    It is not an easy process, but please read the blip I put on runecasting for it to try to make it a little easier to understand:

    Some things keep in mind, you can't edit because they are hooked up to some def file somewhere which is a completely different animal. Also pay attention to how things are arranged on image maps for when you edit it, placement does matter.

    Don't become frustrated too, as some things can take a really long time to find and perfect.

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