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Thread: Chat Mod Repair for the new Client

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    Default Chat Mod Repair for the new Client

    Hello everyone,
    As said in the title, this is a simple fix for the chat mod since with the latest client it doesn’t seem to be working for everyone. The problem seems to be with the new themes in that selecting a new one, it uses different files to the ones used for the mod, which then disables it.

    To fix this follow the instructions bellow, but note that you must already have the chat mod in the ‘resources_override’ folder.

    1. Navigate to the root directory for the game. This is located by going into My computer > Program Files > and either Artifact Entertainment, Virtrium, or Istaria depending on when you installed your game.

    2. Go into ‘resources’ > ‘interface’ >’themes’.

    3. From here, copy all the folders except for the one called ‘default’.

    4. Navigate back to the main directory, and go into your ‘resources_override’ folder.

    5. Go into ‘resources’>’interface’>’themes’.

    6. Paste the copied folders here.

    7. Go into the folder called ‘default’ which should already be there and copy the ‘defs’ folder.

    8. Come out of the ‘default’ folder back to where the other theme folders were copied to.

    9. Finally, Go into each one of the theme folders and paste the ‘defs’ folder, overwriting the existing ‘defs’ folder in each one

    When you start the game now, no matter the theme the chat mod should work.

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    Default Re: Chat Mod Repair for the new Client

    that one is easier and will fix any broken mod.

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    Default Re: Chat Mod Repair for the new Client

    Tried this last night, and, if you just want to use the default theme, and the chat mod, this fix does not work, or, atleast, didn't for me.

    And, the problem with the Forcescandir fix is, it's NOT patch proof, as mentioned in the original post, thus, JUST as annoying as having to move the chat mod files back into the resource folder.

    Is there ANY chance of getting a permanent fix, making the resource_override folder work the way it USED to? I love having my locked windows non-closeable. That's great. But, why did that break the override folder that folk worked so hard, and for so long to fix?
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    Default Re: Chat Mod Repair for the new Client

    Someone mentioned in another post about making the resourcemeta read only and it should stay permenantly.

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