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Thread: Not sure where to go from here

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    Default Not sure where to go from here

    I recently came back to the game and I am a little lost on how things work now as far as classes go. Last time I played I was a cleric spiritualist lvl 100 and that was max. Now I see there are new classes and I am really not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated or maybe point me to some old literature to when the changes were made. I couldn't find anything. (Although I am known to be blind)

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    Default Re: Not sure where to go from here

    the istaria wiki run by stalepopcorn and ably assisted by many noble istarians is a good place for some info:

    gamer's info is a good place for a lot of info, but its a lot like the hitchhiker's guide - its kinda outmoded and some info is downright incorrect......

    the absolute best place for current info is ingame from the other players!
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    That wiki link is down or something, I checked out the regular wiki for Istaria, helped some. Still lost though hehe.

    My schools are these though, not sure why:
    91 Clr
    64 Spir
    20 Healer
    10 Mage
    10 Warrior
    10 Monk

    Maybe its been so long I forgot that much but I don't remember leveling up mage warrior or monk.....

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    The schools should be pretty much how they were "back in the day". Max levels are still 100, the same kinds of weapons & spells are used, etc. I'm not sure if you were around when the tier IV & tier V techniques were rolled out; you probably will want to upgrade your armor, spells, etc. with the better techs applied. I don't envy your having to reorganize all your hotkeys, either!

    As far as training points, if you don't like their distribution, you can redistribute "buyback" points up to some limit (maybe 300?). Those buyback point slots used slowly return with time, so you can keep modifying your skills to match your current class.

    If you don't want to keep those level 10 classes, you can go through a process to "forget" them so that they will not affect your overall rating. Just curious, why keep healer at 20 if you're maxing out cleric? Usually it's the other way around. Also, a fun class to consider that would build well off the cleric and spiritist schools is druid.

    Other than upgrading your gear, start talking to npc's all over the place - seems like there's a million quests out there for you to catch up on now! :-) Also, if you're on the roleplay shard (Order), the marketplace is a good public chat to meet some folks; I think of it like the ancient Greek agora.

    Welcome back, and good luck!

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    Default Re: Not sure where to go from here

    Not sure why I did healer lol. I really only remember going cleric/spiritualist. It has been 5+ years since I played and I have had many cloudy nights since then lol. For some reason I thought I remember reaching max level. As far as upgrading equipment when I logged back into the game I have no equipment lol. A pair of boots and a mace, oh, and bikini underwear.

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    healer is the best class for life skill, and a group defence bonus against all undead mobs and the best class as far as i know to raise your focus stat. warrior at 100 would give you a range of special melee attacks, on of the best classes for health and except for bow and crossbow, a +10 to all weapon , armor used and shield use. as for mage , lv 18 and 36 , 18 for perfect spell and lv 36 to master mulitcast 1 both very useful. as for monk don't drop it, it is THE only class that gets the foresight ability that can help one dodge any special attack including attacks like heartseeker and critical strike that are normally attacks that automatically hit. as for cleric, cleric wears the platemail armor, as healer only can wear chainmail, cleric has masterable dispiirt foe and dispsirt foes debuff

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