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    With the vault shrinkage coming up next week, I thought I'd better increase to the max my vault can get. I've done I through IV and have nearly completed V, but now it says I need to find out where the next bank meeting will be. Only problem is there are no clues as to where this is. I admit I haven't ran all over yet, but I'm hoping for a spoiler [:$]

    Anybody who can help? Thanks!

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    Ok, now I have actually ran all over and still haven't found where the meeting is. I am expecting for it to just be one of those where you have to be in a certain location and it will give some quest text in the chat box...I've also tried greeting the NPC bankers with no luck. I know there are people who've done this quest, so if you could leak me some info, I'd very much appreciate it! [|-)]

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    try looking at your quest list for info, should tell you who or what you are to do first. and maybe the quest was put on hold while the vaults are so large, just a thought

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    Remember the guy who told you to take the pamplets for it around? The vault keeper in Sslanis.. he's the guy you need to talk to .. he'll tell you what to do next :)


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    thank you, I did remeber that after sitting thinking about it , plus started going to each of the first ones from the first quest. but thank you for reminding me also :)

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