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    Before the merge therewas only one ranger trainer, in Dalimond, and you got all kill tasks from there. Since the merge there seem to be more. A low level in Kion, a lvl 60 in Feladan (possibly others). The lower offers me no quests at lvl 74 (too high?). The lvl 60 tells me to get some more experience. The Ranger Captain offers me an obsure quest, which seems to involve going to Tazoon.

    I don't like the trophy quests, I much preferred to go kill a set number of mobs. Now I kills tons of the mob but get few drops.

    Exploring and questing are my favourite persuits, just can't spend hours grind/camping the same mobs for exp. Exploring is cack now, since I've been everywhere already, (I'm re-mapping) and far too many areas are completely empty. And questing seems to be almost non existant. If someone can point out some interesting quests for a lvl 74, especially ranger specific, I'd be gratefull.

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    Well, there is Envenomed Arrow I -- OH WAIT! that's bugged......

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    Story quests involving many of the schools are still being worked on. So look for more to appear over the coming months, but there is no specific ETA on Rangers.

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