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    Ashlander's Cauldron
    A volcanic basin that is the remnant of a volcanic cinder cone that exploded long ago, blowing its top and one side out of existence. The Cauldron is still active as a source of rare gems and geothermal heat, but has not erupted within the memory of Humans or Dragons. The Cauldron retains the name of the human who discovered it, though it is rumored that the newly returned Elders among the Dragons call it by its much older name, Drulkar’s Maw.
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    The Sorcerer Crankenspank
    A powerful sorcerer who rose to power nearly five centuries before the birth of Ashlander Vandus. Crankenspank (who's real name is no longer known), was a devotee of the dragon-trained Nazderon and learned much of the same arts from his human master. After the destruction of Mellohndar by the Dragons and the disappearance of Nazderon, Crankenspank moved south and began to brutally subjugate humans on the peninsula. He had a massive castle constructed for him south-southeast of present-day Dalimond.

    But his reign of terror was not to last and the Dragons once again took to the skies and burned his castle to the ground with the Sorcerer himself, his followers and his slaves still within. What is now called a Tomb is in fact the ruins of his former Keep.
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    King's Cross
    Founded nearly two centuries ago when the Vandus Confederation was in its hey-day and the road from Dalimond to South March was build. King's Cross had, at one time, an Inn and a Barracks and even a contingent of militia. But times changed and the amount of travel south fell year by year. With the rise of the Gifted and the Age of Empire, the route south again grew in importance and so once again the Vandus Confederation has seen fit to place militia along the southern road.

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    The Dead Pool
    An ancient source of magical power, a node, that lies near the southwestern side of the Granitefall Mountains. The Dead Pool (originally known as the Pool of Anthorras) was dug long ago by a powerful Sorcerer during the Age of the Dragon. The sorcerer was trying to find the source of the magical power. Eventually a temple was constructed atop the pool, but it eventually fell into disuse and then ruin.

    The Dead Pool was captured and fortified during the invasion of the Dalimond Peninsula by the Withered Aegis and is held with near-fanatic dedication and ferocity.

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    Sable Shores
    The "Gateway to the East" is what residents of Sable Shores have always claimed their community to be. Situated on the eastern side of the Sable Straight across from Lesser Aradoth, Sable Shores and its larger neighbor, Istara's Union, have long been a trade destination for Saris caravans and merchants. With the recent rise of Skulk activity in the nearby forest, the Vandus Confederation has established an outpost in the community.
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    Chiconis Battlefield
    A massive field of battle caused by an attempted invasion by the Withered Aegis nearly twenty years ago. The invasion was stopped by a combined force of helian and lunus dragons supported by a small contingent of humans. The battlefield was the scene of such devastation, bloodshed, and magical energies that the battlefield has remained stagnant and unsettled to this day.

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    Brownback Wolves
    A variety of wolf, named for its brown shaggy coat, that now populated the rejuvenated forests of the Dalimond Peninsula in growing numbers. Due to the increasing populations of the Forest Gruok as well as growing herds of Deer, the wolves have grown bolder in recent weeks and tend to be very aggressive when on the hunt or when defending their lairs.

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    Muck Fly
    A type of buzzing insect found within the low-lying area of the western Dalimond Peninsula known as the Muck Flats. This area, in which earthenware clay is found, contains muddy ground that seems to attract the flies in great swarms.

    Unlike the undead flies often found near battlefields and other locations where the Undead Hordes frequent, these flies are living creatures, though they are no less deadly than their undead brethren.
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    Micklin Vandus
    Mayor of Dalimond, Councilor to the Imperial Council in Tazoon, and current Leader of the Vandus Confederation, Micklin Vandus is the last descendant of a royal line stretching back to the very man who freed humanity from slavery, Ashlander Vandus.

    Micklin himself couldn't be less like his distant relative, however. Where Ashlander was thoughtful, intelligent and well-spoken, Micklin is impulsive, brash and tends to believe in his own personal superiority.

    But he is not all bad, for like his distant relative, Micklin sees the good in people and welcomes their help in many things. He relishes opportunities to see the Vandus Confederation return to its former glory and he longs for the defeat of the Withered Aegis and a return to "normalcy".

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    The Tomb of Borannis
    The tomb of an ancient human king who rose to power nearly eight hundred years ago. Borannis ruled with an iron fist over humanity from his seat in the great city of Barasavus in the deserts beneath Tazoon.

    Borannis died nearly thirty years before the destruction of Barasavus by the Dragonkind and was buried in an opulent tomb somewhere on the Dalimond Peninsula. Its location, according to legend, was carefully hidden and its secrets long lost.

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    A golden flower that is known to grow only in the center of the Vandus March east of the Dalimond Ridge, it has long been prized for its beauty and for its rich and pleasant aroma.

    Travelers often leave the roads and climb the nearby cliffs trying to find blooms to take with them, for sale or as gifts. The Militia has made it a practice of discouraging this behavior, though even they are not fully immune to the lure of the golden flower.

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    Gnomish Observatory
    Built centuries ago by the Academy of Tinkerers, the Observatory was captured soon after the fall of Rachival by the Withered Aegis and has served as a base of operations from which attacks into the Dalimond Peninsula are launched. It is populated by many of the machines formerly employed by the Gnomish people as well as many of the original Gnomish defenders.

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    Moham Hintos
    An old farmer who lives in the Central Valley and regularly takes his goods to market in either Bristugo or Dalimond. Recently on a trek to town his wagon broke down and he's become stranded near the Amethyst Quarry and is seeking assistance from the Gifted for his goods and for the nearby buzzing of the Muck Flies.

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    Dalimond Archives
    A structure built at the urging of local scholars and funded by trade revenues, the Dalimond Archives is an impressive structure built to house many thousands of books, tomes, and scrolls, documenting centuries worth of human and non-human culture in Istaria.

    The Archives are tended by three full-time Librarians, the Librarian of Ages, the Librarian of Races, and the Librarian of Magic. Each has his or her own area of expertise and takes care of a wing of the Archives.

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