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    As I have been slowly finding my way around in Istaria again, it did take me a while to realize that the Chaos server really is still populated. After trudging about and meeting folks etc. I realized that the economy of Chaos is still a very possible reality even if somewhat neglected atm. Somewhere along the way, people slowed down on restocking the connies. Let me tell you, that is bad form!Allow me to get you on board:

    For new or returning players alike, an empty connie or a connie that has very little and useless stuff for almost free tells them, "Hey you might as well go pick another server! I don't have anything going on here, good eve!" In the other hand, when we have server pride and good representation of ourselves and the love for our work in Istaria...we take an extra hour or something and make those neat things we can make available to others. Our connie, with a variation of odds and fair prices too and not for free, tells players, "Yeah that's right we invite you to come and join in the fun on our server! We would love to grow and prosper and drive back the Withered Aegis with you!"

    *clears throat* ahem! I would like to believe that, in all fairness and loyalty to our world that is Istaria we could discuss openly and politely acceptable pricing for our consigners Anyone who would like to help out with this 'restock' venture please post here or talk to me in game I play as Archaic in game as well. I would like to see effort towards making things available, not necessarily profitable at first, across the first couple tiers. I can assure you that the economy will start from the ground up, like anything else, and if it exists from the start we can begin Tier III trade and so on.

    I'd like to start by saying that I'm a Spellcrafter, nothing real special atm but I'm level 70ish and slowly climbing since there weren't any Tier V nodes in the game when I originally played it. After discussing it with my guildmates, who are very knowledgeable and 'veteran' players on the Chaos server, we came to the basic conclusion that Tier I spells should be 100c. Lots of folks make their own Tier I stuff and any less is encouraging no economy at all! The main focus of the connie restock would be to discuss and agree on fair and *not free* pricing across the tiers. Without economy, the world of Istaria leaves much to be desired... and we have the community and skill available to make it not so! I ask you please, if you have found any inspiration in this just post what you would think is fair so that we can openly come to agreement on your goods!

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    While i believe you make a great point about the economy and it is sometimes slow other times New Trismus is brimming with new scales and items for players, other times it is empty it is not constantly restocked, you may have to wait a few weeks if you are needing something, also a lot of players rely on guildies for items or simply ask in a chat if someone can make something for them when they need it. most players want teched gear if it is a higher tier, and only want to comp hunt to make these items when neccessary.

    Most people sell items unless they are rare for cheap coin because as a starting player it is hard to make cash or you have no idea how to.

    the economy is not terrible nor have you said that it was, it just runs differently.

    my 2 coppers worth.

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    Just an update:

    Tier I: 100c
    Tier I 'Improved' Spells: 120c
    Tier I Spells lvl. 15 and up: 150c

    There are, in fact, some spells that are beginner spells but require higher tiered resources to make. i.e. Burning Sky, Blood Bolt. These spells are worth more, and will be priced accordingly.

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    Well said Archaic! So where does one currently go to find items for sale?

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    Thread is over 3 years old.

    If you're looking for Tier 1 spells, most can be bought from vendors.

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    Thank you Dracillion. I am finding that most everything here is years and YEARS old. It is becoming most down heartening.

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    Old or not (and I realize I'm necroing too), the OP is still quite relevant to today's market. I'm currently working on a price sheet for all the resources and crafted goods I regularly sell, and I'm planning on posting an ad for my wares later today, in case anyone wants to make a special order. I'm also buying a number of low-tier items for good money.
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