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Thread: Lair Plan critque please :)

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    Smile Lair Plan critque please :)

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if you guys could take a look at this for me. Yes it is the Plan for my lair. Few things to note. Lair is 3x7x7 (and floor 0 ). So I have 8 floors to play with. Other things to note. I already have the T4 Hall in place and I don't want to deconstruct it. I don't have the stack space. So with that in mind and with the current structures that I have atm there are some things that I can't decon. They are: The T4 Hall, T2 Xtal shaper and the four way that is attached.

    The lair plan

    Other things.... Yes, I thought that I had another square under my entrance to build things. If I had remembered that I didn't the hall would be in a different spot. As a result the things I thought I could put there I can't and so unless I did a fair amount of stuffing around The space on floor 2 was dead. So I put the top third of the first Lair there for looks.

    I also realize that I could fit another T6 Library on the bottom floor or could just replace one of the T4's with one. I can do that later if I really need the stack space. Also I like both Helian and Lunus T5/6 lairs so I put one of each in. I did want to put a transmutation shop in as well but there just isn't the room for it and the two lairs. (7x3 oh the pain )

    The only resource that is around the lair that dragons can use is T3 Essence and a very very small amount of silver and iron. Go Heather!!

    Looking for comments/suggestions


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    Default Re: Lair Plan critque please :)

    I will start by telling that lairs are normally constructed to fit the needs of the owner. So whatever you wish goes so to speak.

    After checking out the lair I like it except for your plan of floor 0.
    I would personally leave floor 0 unchanged (except for the open spiral towards the T4 hall instead of the T1 storage) until you finished the remainder of the lair.
    Also I would not place a T4 Stone when you also have a T6 stone unless you never plan to activate it of course and simply use it as a nice looking room (but then I would personally choose for a T1 or T2 lair for additional bulk and stack and dump the T2 smelter).

    Other then the fact that I would probably not have chosen a 3*3*7 lair it looks well planned and a true biped maze when it is finished.
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    Default Re: Lair Plan critque please :)

    I wanted to have a look but firefox as well as my firewall spammed with with warnings as I clicked your link. :\

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    Default Re: Lair Plan critque please :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Morphaz Bladewing View Post
    I wanted to have a look but firefox as well as my firewall spammed with with warnings as I clicked your link. :\
    Hmmm.... that is strange. Thanks for trying. You can just view the file as a pdf that the site generates.

    Thanks for your comments DB. Oh yes I will not be changing floor 0 in a hurry. I not your point about the T4 Stoneworking vs T2 Lair. I will cross that bridge when I get there but atm I feel that having all the shops on the top floor is really handy and the T4 stoneworking is the only one the fits in that space like I want it to.

    I have also found that I put the wrong exits on the T6 Gemworking . It is ok it still works and looks just about the same. The concept is the same anyway.

    As for not picking a 3x7x7 lair. I will just say that at the time (before the bleakness when I was between lvl 20 and 30 adv/craft) and when there were not many lairs around it was the best that was going and I have stuck with is ever since. Still a 6x4xX would be nice .

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