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Thread: Combat from air for dragons

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    Thumbs up Combat from air for dragons

    I always recognizes that enemies are able to kill you right in the air.
    But you can't fight back while flying/gliding.

    Kind of not fair, I guess.... what about some ability for dragons like firing a firebolt, lightning from the air?

    It would be nice you think about that.


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    For role playing this would fit soo nice ! How-ever Maniacally i dough the devs would be able to make this happen.

    Programing the Z access in the game was hard enough and it has rules for using the Z access Ultimately we gain the ability to Fly High in to the games atmosphere Far out of the way of any nasty targeting range

    (except for the few times chaos lags and you see sog flying )

    If your skimming the ground your susceptible to the enemy of the ground and weather be caster or aeo golem they are on the ground have a movement speed of 50 (Compared to 75 + flying and velocity scale ) you might take damage but should be able to run by them easily
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    Default Re: Combat from air for dragons

    Eh.. it'd take a lot of work to make this happen if it's even possible, and even then, it'd be incredibly unfair to the bipeds unless this was only implemented after dragon-riding was possible as well.

    The biggest roadblock I see though, is that I don't know if there would be a way to limit this ability to being used only on casters. It would be very easy to exploit and kill mobs that can't fight back, or to cast once, then fly out of the range of the mob you're fighting.

    Personally, I think dragons already have it incredibly easy, what with the ability to just fly higher up and out of range.


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    *IF*I'm remembering this correctly, its not possible with the present engine.

    As its been brought up many, many times before and I think that was the response. I may be misremembering though heh.
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    For me it takes a certain amount of time before monsters finally spawn when I am the first to enter an area.

    If it could be introduced then why not make it a seperate dragon adventure school. A school which would require for a dragon to be Ancient.

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