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    I just found out, on the 18th, that I am having a baby girl! I'm about 19 weeks along with my first child, so this was our first ultrasound ((late, I know, but things didn't go as planned for a while)). Anywho, I thought I would share this amazing news with my fellow Istarians!
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    Congratulations!! So wonderful :-) Best wishes for a healthy birth!

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    Congratulations indeed! I hope everything goes well. ^^

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    Congratulations! Hope she is a beautiful baby when she is born.

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    many congrads and best wishes for your new family!
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    Quote Originally Posted by neva View Post
    Congratulations! Hope she is a beautiful baby when she is born.
    She will be! They all are!

    Congratulations, Kyairthwen. I hope for you good health and comfort throughout your term, and a fast, easy delivery of a healthy, strong daughter.

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    Congratulations and all good wishes for a smooth pregnancy and birth *hugs*

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    Congrats!! Hope she brings you much joy

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    Thumbs up Re: Baby girl!!


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    Many congratulations! Hope your baby grows up healthy and strong.

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